Ah, what a feast! this is the instant response of a Malayalee right after a 26-course meal on Onam. Yes, you heard that right! A massive, colourful, versatile, and joyful 10-day galore of food, togetherness, and laughter is what defines this festival that commemorates King Mahabali. It also marks the beginning of Kerala’s official harvest season.

Imagine this, a long green banana leaf filled with dishes that are sweet, sour, spicy, and all so scrumptious on one-part, fluffy white rice on the other and a bowl of Payasam (kheer) on the side. How does that make you feel? We are sure now you are all set to search ‘Onam sadya near me’ on your phone. Why don't we cook Sadhya this Onam and feel the real fun of celebrating the festival in Kerala?

We will list out the 10 most must-have and traditional onam dishes to make it the perfect blend of delicious and aesthetic. (Psst, don't forget to click a selfie)

  • Rice- Oh! We had to start with this. It is the centrepiece of a Sadhya and its mostly semi-polished brown rice or red rice, a tastier version of the white polished rice. Now we know that you are still struggling too hard to not overcook your rice, but you can effortlessly do it in the Electric Rice Cooker and even keep it warm for up to 5 hours.
  • Sambar- You cannot exclude this from any South Indian cuisine, and you can't from an Onam sadhya too. The luscious lentil soup can be made from any number of vegetables available at your house and to make it even easier you can buy a packet of masala mix with the right south Indian taste and then pour it in the middle of the rice while serving.
  • Avial- It means a ‘Mix of things. And as the name suggests it is a mix of vegetables and is a semi-solid side dish that's colourful, flavourful, and highly nutritious.
  • Pachadi- The name might sound difficult to pronounce but it's almost equivalent to the North Indian raita. You can pick your favourite vegetable and make the dish with coconut, ginger, and curry leaves and finally season it with mustard. (Secret tip- You can make it with pineapples too, which is our personal favourite)
  • Rasam- The simplest watery dish that's best suitable for digestion. It is basically tamarind juice seasoned with tomato, green chilli, pepper, cumin seeds, and other spices. You can pour it over your rice or simply drink it. 
  • Thoran- The dry dish made with chopped vegetables such as cabbage, carrots, or jackfruit and grated coconut. Keralites have it with steamed rice and pappadam.
  • Pappadam- You can call it a wafer or a paapad, but it is the crispiest snack and fun part of an Onam Sadhya. It is a disc-shaped cut out from a black gram flour dough. (Bonus point- Crack your pappadam over your rice and sambar and indulge in deliciousness like never before)
  • Payasam- We know your little secret. We know that you always carry chocolates in your bag wherever you go. And for sweet tooths like you, payasam is the ultimate dish. You will never get enough of this dessert made with boiled rice, milk and sweetened with sugar or jaggery. Once you get your hands on this dish, there is no going back.

For King Mahabali to grace your home sweet home, let's begin the festive home preparation and make your home Onam ready.

4 Ways to Make Your Home Onam Ready

The 10-day festival is here, and we are all in a rush to clean our houses and make our abode sparkle with lights and flowers.

  • Now that you are on the cleaning spree, let's pick up all your Onam Home appliances and ward off all the dust on them before using them for all your preparations.
  • Do not forget to dust off all your beautiful bronze and brass showpieces with a clean cloth.
  • The Onam festival decor is incomplete without lights. Spread out those decorative lights in your living room, balcony, or garden and give a bright, joyous, and welcoming look to your home.
  • You cannot forget about the Rangoli. Popularly known as a Pookalam, is a huge decoration of flowers spread out in a round shape. Gather all kinds of flowers available on your balcony or your neighbour’s garden. Sketch out a simple design on the floor and fill it with flowers. Make it as colourful as possible.
  • With special Onam offers on Orient Electric, it is the best time to buy your favourite home appliances and refresh your kitchen altogether.

We know it's difficult to cook a huge meal as an Onam Sadhya. You can still enjoy the simplest dishes and have them while you binge on Malayalam movies. Here are a few must-have appliances for you all this Onam-

Must-Have Onam Kitchen Essentials for Your Festive Cooking

Living away from home can be a difficult feeling for many. Food is the ultimate comfort when you miss home and thus here are a few appliances that you can buy and make cooking easy this Onam-

  • Mixer Grinder- There are a variety of dishes in a Sadhya, but the easiest one to make is a Pullyinchi. You need tamarind, ginger, green chilli, and jaggery. Put it all in Orient Electric’s Fine Blend Mixer Grinder and blend it till it's smooth. You can have this tasty chutney with your chapati or as a dip for your sandwich.
  • Sandwich maker- Now that we talked about sandwiches, save your time and hassle of toasting your sandwich and standing next to the stove so it doesn't burn and buy our Chef Special Grill Sandwich maker.
  • Hand Blender- For pureeing, blending, grating your content and grinding all under one roof, a hand blender is your go-to friend. For Rasam, Sambar, or all your blending needs, Orient Electric’s Fine Blend Hand Blender is for the rescue.
  • Juicer Mixer Grinder- Most of the desserts on Onam have coconut milk and the must-have appliance for it is a Juicer Mixer Grinder. Add your grated coconut to the grinder, add a cup of water and blend it smoothly to get delicious coconut milk. Before you make the dessert out of it, drain out the residue from the blended milk.

This is also the time to buy new appliances for your home. Here are a few appliances that you can choose from Orient Electric, and we assure you that we have the right Onam deals for you.

Celebrate Onam and its Tradition in Style

Onam, the grand festival of Kerala doesn't just stop at sumptuous food and beautiful colourful flower carpets. It is also a complete celebration of the land’s cultural heritage including their traditional attires.

For women, kasavu saree is a must. It's a graceful white saree with golden borders paired with traditional jewellery and jasmine flowers adorned on the hair. Men on the other hand don the Mundu and wear a white shirt which exudes simplicity and sophistication. Make sure your vibrant yellow and red Onam saree, skirts, and mundu look impeccable and wrinkle-free with Panache Plus Non-Stick Dry Iron from Orient Electric.

Buy these Home Appliances on Onam from Orient Electric

Let Orient Electric be your trusted partner and let us help you make your Onam celebrations truly memorable. Our range of lighting solutions and home appliances are designed to enhance the beauty and convenience of your home as King Mahabali arrives this Onam.

  • Lights- Create a warm and welcoming atmosphere and hang elegant Joylite Rope decorative lights on your walls, around your flowerpots and on the doors.
  • Ceiling Fans- With guests over, it's not just the food that's going to be warm but also your house. Buy the latest and tech enabled Aeroslim with IoT ceiling fan to keep your home cool and comfortable.
  • Exhaust Fans- All the food that you cook this Onam is going to taste delicious but the residues of it can smell bad. The perfect update for your Kitchen this festive season is most definitely an exhaust fan. If you are buying one from Orient Electric, you will have your hands on the hottest onam deal online.

As much as food remains a weakness for South Indians, North Indians are no less fanatics about trying different cuisines. One of their favourite comfort cuisines on a Monday morning or Friday evening will always be a plate of Idli with a thick sambaar and green chutney. But the grandeur of a Sadhya is an experience of a lifetime, and you get to live it on the festival of Onam.

To add a cherry on top of your festive cheer, Orient Electric is here with its Onam Special Offer. Grab the deal quickly and go get that new high-speed fan that your mother has been asking you for. After all, she has been cooking the biggest and the tastiest meal known to India. Collect your flowers and get on to make the Pookalam, as you wait for your orders to arrive.

Frequently Asked Questions on Onam

Q1. Why is Onam celebrated?

Ans. King Mahabali once ruled Kerala and the gods were jealous of his popularity. They sent Vamana, the fifth avatar of Lord Vishnu to end his reign. The kind-hearted king agreed to fulfill all the wishes of Vamana. He asked Mahabali for three feet of land. In the first two feet, he covered the entire universe and for the third, Mahabali gave his own head to step on. Thus, elated Lord Vishnu gave him the chance to visit Kerala from the Pataal Lok once every year. This arrival of King Mahabali is celebrated as Onam.


Q2. In which state is Onam celebrated?

Ans. Onam is celebrated in Kerala and is celebrated by Malayalees all around the world.


Q3. When is Onam?

Ans. Onam is a 10-day festival celebrated in the month of August or September once every year.


Q4. How many dishes are there in Onam Sadya?

Ans. There are 26 dishes in an Onam Sadya including a dessert and some snacks like banana chips.


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