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Everything You Need to Know About Kitchen Exhaust Fan

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, an exhaust fan for your kitchen ensures that your cooking adventures remain enjoyable, clean, and stress-free. A kitchen fan also commonly known as a ventilation fan is an essential appliance for your culinary haven. The main purpose of a kitchen exhaust fan is to keep the air in your kitchen odor-free, and smoke-free, and the cabinets and surfaces grease-free. 

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The tantalizing aroma of your favourite dish turns into unwanted odours in a minute. The grease and smoke accumulate over your kitchen cabinets and walls. This requires constant cleaning and repainting. What's worse? This poor indoor air quality leads to potential health issues. The answer to all these problems is an exhaust fan for your kitchen. It whisks away all the odour from your environment and reduces the accumulation of any possible cooking residues on the corners of your cabinet.  Here is how to find the right exhaust fan for your kitchen:

Types of Kitchen Fans

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to buying an exhaust fan for your kitchen. There is a massive amount of kitchen ventilation fans available online catering to different needs and spaces. Here are a few kitchen exhaust fans for Indian cooking-

  1. Wall Fans- These are the popular choice for those who prefer to save space even in their kitchen. Kitchen wall fans are sleek and are directly mounted on the walls of your kitchen. They are smart choices for your cooking station as they efficiently pull away the cooking odours, smoke, and, excess heat.
  1. Small Exhaust Fan- These are perfect for you if you are in a space crunch in your kitchen. Mini fan for the kitchen are mounted on the walls or are placed discreetly onto the countertops and provides you efficient ventilation across the space.
  1. Small Table Fans- These are portable and flexible options for both cooling and avoiding odours. You can place it on your countertops, tables, or window sills and position them strategically to push the odour out of your kitchen.
  1. Window Exhaust Fan- If you are against the idea of mounting a fan on the wall, then look for an exhaust fan fitting in your kitchen window. These are easy to install and efficiently provide ventilation in your cooking spaces.
  1. Kitchen fan for cooling- It's easy to associate kitchen fans with odour removal or ventilation, however, they can also play an essential role in maintaining a cool and comfortable kitchen for you. They expel hot air and maintain a more comfortable temperature throughout your cooking process.

Which Exhaust Fan is Best for My Kitchen?

It is important to choose a fan that fits your kitchen rightly as it can impact the overall environment in your home. With various options available, it is a need to match the fan to your kitchen’s specific needs. Let us help you choose the one for you-

  1. If you have a large kitchen with ample space, you should look for a wall-mounted fan with 4 to 5 blades. Such fans can handle larger volumes of air making them a good choice for your expansive cooking needs. Hill Air Exhaust Fan from Orient Electric will be a good choice for your large kitchen.
  1. Modern houses these days have compact kitchens but you still need efficient ventilation right? Look for mini exhaust fans, small exhaust fans, and small table fans to fit seamlessly into a cosy kitchen.
  1. If your cooking commonly involves heavy frying or generates smoke often then look for a standard ventilation fan with 3 to 5 blades. This fan must have an RPM of at least 1500.
  1. Now, if you want a blend of functionality and aesthetics then look for a fan that has a minimalistic design for modern decor. For a more traditional theme, look for an ornate exhaust fan.
  1. Do not forget to keep noise levels in mind especially if you have an open kitchen. Opt for exhaust fans that operate silently so you cook and dine peacefully.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do exhaust fans use a lot of electricity?

Ans. Exhaust fans are energy efficient choice and they consume less electricity than a ceiling fan or other cooling device.

Q2. Is an exhaust fan or a chimney better for the kitchen?

Ans. While a chimney is a good choice for the kitchen, an exhaust fan is a more efficient and affordable option. Exhaust fans in a kitchen take up very little space and help push out bad air from the environment.

Q3.Can I use the exhaust fan in closed rooms?

Ans. Yes, in a closed room, an exhaust fan can act as a relief as it provides ventilation throughout the room and helps you avoid stuffiness in the room.

Q4. What type of fan is best for a kitchen?

Ans. A ventilation exhaust fan with 5 blades and 1200 RPM will be a good fan for your kitchen.

Q5. How can I cool my kitchen?

Ans. To cool down your kitchen, you can invest in a good ventilation fan for the kitchen. It draws foul air and heat from the environment and cools the surroundings with fresh and cold air from the atmosphere.

Q6. Where should a wall fan be placed in a kitchen?

Ans. To avoid short-circuiting, place the fan farthest away from the eye-level grills or cooktops. Place it as high as possible on the wall on the window.

This data was last updated on 13-07-2024