Have you ever found yourself frustrated with your mixer grinder turning a simple task into a hassle? Perhaps you've struggled to blend ingredients smoothly, dealing with lumps or need multiple grinding attempts for the right consistency. If this sounds familiar, the issue might be stemming from the mismatched blades or insufficient wattage, and it might be time to reconsider your choice of mixer grinder. It's important you choose a mixer with the right features to enjoy cooking and that makes the job in the kitchen super easy to execute.

Key Features to Consider

Wattage: Opt for a mixer grinder with higher wattage for faster and more efficient grinding of tough ingredients like spices and nuts. It can handle heavier loads, reducing overall preparation time in the kitchen.

Motor: The motor is the heart of your mixer grinder, and a durable motor can sustain continuous operation without overheating. With this, you can ensure consistent results while blending smoothies or grinding spices.

Blades: A sharp blade is essential for achieving fine and uniform grinding. Ensure the blades are designed to create a vortex within the jar, pulling ingredients towards them for efficient grinding.

Choosing the Right Wattage

500W Mixer Grinder: A 500W mixer grinder is suitable for everyday tasks such as grinding basic spices like cumin and coriander seeds, making simple chutneys, and preparing smooth batters for dosa and idli. While it may require a bit more time for tougher ingredients like turmeric or coconut, it is a good choice for small families or individuals living in hostels.

750W Mixer Grinder: A 750W mixer grinder is more efficient than a lesser-wattage one. It can be used for grinding tougher ingredients like turmeric, ginger, and garlic into fine pastes, and preparing smooth purees for gravies or soups.  A mixer with this wattage is also ideal for grinding dal for dal tadka or preparing homemade masala powders. Along with this, it proves to be useful for mixing cake batters and whipping cream for basic baking needs.

1200W Mixer Grinder: For those who frequently prepare larger quantities of ingredients or require a mixer grinder that can handle heavy-duty tasks, a 1200W mixie is recommended. It effortlessly grinds tough Indian ingredients like whole spices (such as cloves and cardamom) and pulses like black gram (urad dal) and can also blend soaked rice and lentils into smooth batters. This can also be a good choice to mix thicker cake batters and knead dough for bread or pizza, making it suitable for both regular cooking as well as for your baking needs.

1250W Mixer Grinder: 1250W mixers have a smooth and efficient performance in grinding dense ingredients like nuts for making nut butter, and large batches of batter or dough. It also gives high-speed operations and a durable motor that gives you fine grinding and quick results. If you are a cook or a baker, then this is sure the right choice for you.

Understanding Mixer Grinder Motors

Copper Motor: A copper motor in a mixer grinder refers to the winding of the motor coils being made from copper. This material is known for its excellent conductivity and heat dissipation properties, which ensure efficient power transmission and cooling during operation.

  1. Durability: Copper motors are highly durable due to their ability to withstand high temperatures generated during grinding. This durability translates to a longer lifespan for the motor, making it suitable for frequent and prolonged use in the kitchen.
  2. Performance: The efficient heat dissipation of copper motors allows for smoother and faster grinding of tough ingredients like spices and nuts. This results in consistent performance and reliable operation over time.

Amongst the Orient Electric bestseller mixer grinders, the Chefspecial 3 Jar Mixer is one of the most liked. It has a 100% copper motor and comes with an overload protection feature. The jars of this mixer grinder also have a flow breaker that makes sure no lumps are formed during the blending process.

Balanced Coil Motor: A balanced coil motor in a mixer grinder is known for its durability and long-lasting performance. This type of motor is designed with balanced coils that ensure even distribution of electrical current, reducing heat generation.

  1. Durability: This motor gives your mixer grinder longevity by minimizing wear and tear and contributes to smoother operation and quieter performance.
  2. Performance: The precise design of balanced coil motors results in less vibration during operation, which enhances the overall operation of the mixie.

If you are planning to upgrade to a new mixer grinder soon, then you can check out the Orient Electric Fine Blend Mixer Grinder. This is a 500W mixie with a balanced coil motor that comes with protection against heat overload.

Double Ball Bearing: Mixer grinders equipped with double ball bearing motors incorporate bearings at both ends of the motor shaft. This design enhances stability and reduces friction during operation, providing several benefits:

  1. Durability: This helps in prolonging the motor's lifespan by reducing wear on internal components. This makes them suitable for tough grinding tasks and ensures consistent performance over time.
  2. Performance: The reduced friction and enhanced stability of double ball bearing motors result in smoother operation and quieter performance. They contribute to a more comfortable kitchen environment while maintaining efficient grinding capabilities.

Choosing the Right Mixer Grinder Blades

Blades are one of the most important elements of a mixer. It ensures that your spices, coffee beans, nuts, and all other ingredients are blended, grounded, and powdered well. Here is a rundown of the different kinds of blades in your mixer:

  1. Wet Grinding Blade: Essential for creating smooth pastes and batters, this blade is perfect for grinding soaked lentils, rice, and coconut. It ensures a uniform texture ideal for dosa batter, chutneys, and other wet grinding requirements.
  2. Dry Grinding Blade: These are sharp blades that can be used to grind spices, coffee beans, and grains.
  3. Whipping Blade: If you frequently prepare desserts, cakes, or whipped creams, a whipping blade in the grinder will be ideal for you.
  4. Mincing Blade: This blade is ideal for chopping vegetables finely or preparing minced meat for dishes like kebabs and curries.
  5. Chutney Blade: This is the best blade to grind a small quantity of ingredients like herbs, spices, and coconut.

Orient Electric Elite Super mixer grinder comes with 3 jars that have multiple uses. You can use one for both your wet and dry grinding, one for chutneys and masalas, and one liquidising jar. 

Choosing the Number of Jars

If you are planning to buy a new mixer grinder for your home and are confused about the use of multiple jars, then here is a guide for you:

  1. 3 Jar Mixer Grinder: Often a mixie with 3 jars is commonly bought because of the versatility it offers. In this set of jars, you will get multiple jars to make pastes and grind spices or coffee beans super finely according to your preferences. If you have been searching for a good 3-jar mixie then, we recommend the Accord 3 Jar Mixer Grinder. This comes with one wet/dry grinding jar, one chutney jar, and one liquidising jar along with a spatula for convenience. The best part about this grinder is that it has lockable lids so now you no longer need to worry about spillage while blending or grinding.
  1. 4 Jar Mixer Grinder: Then there are models with just two jars. These usually have a bigger one for blending juices or smoothies, one for wet grinding, one for dry grinding, and one small jar for grinding spices.

Moreover, customers these days are also looking for the aesthetic part of an appliance as small as a mixie. With modern interiors, consumers prefer ones that look stylish and do not take up a lot of space. Orient Electric’s Compact Geenie Mixer Grinder is one small, stylish, and powerful mixer. This is a 3-jar grinder that comes with one jar for batters and smoothies, one for masalas, and one for purees and chutneys. The best part about this kitchen appliance is that it has a sleek modern design and is compact which means it saves you a lot of space on your kitchen counter.

In conclusion, selecting the right mixer grinder involves considering several factors such as wattage, motor type, blade design, and more. These elements collectively determine the appliance's efficiency, durability, and versatility in meeting all your cooking needs. So, take your time, consider your needs, and select a mixer grinder that not only meets but enhances your cooking experience. After all, it's not just about functionality—it's about making your everyday cooking easier and more enjoyable.


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