Know More About the Outdoor Fans

Embrace the Outdoors with Stylish Outdoor Fans

Planning an outdoor party but worried about the hot weather outside? The ultimate solution is an outdoor fan, it is a breath of fresh air for those seeking comfort in the outdoor spaces. Unlike indoor fans, these are designed to withstand all weather conditions and thus are an ideal choice for patios, porches, or gazebos. What sets them apart? They are highly durable, resist moisture, and can brave rain, humidity, or any other varying temperature. It is difficult to choose the right one when you have so many options available but here is how you can choose the one that fits all your preferences. 

Buy Outdoor Fans Online

From stylish designs and weather-resistant features, there is an ample amount of options that you should look for before buying anything online. If you are looking for a fan that helps you create a comfortable and inviting outdoor space for every season, then let us help you guide your buying journey.

Types of Outdoor Fans

The first and foremost step while buying an appliance online is to know what you need exactly. So, before buying a balcony fan online check out these types of fans available online and choose the one that covers all your needs-

  1. Ceiling Fans- If you have a covered garden or a balcony then, these are the best type of fan for you. Outdoor ceiling fans provide a gentle and consistent breeze, keeping you comfortable on a hot day even in your outdoor spaces. Look for models that are water-resistant or moisture-resistant depending on your exposure to moisture.
  1. Pedestal Fans- These are an excellent choice for you if you have a large backyard or garden. As these are portable, you can move them anywhere and use them as per your needs. This is a versatile option for you as you can use it both in your indoor and outdoor spaces easily and efficiently. Look for sturdy and durable models with adjustable heights. We suggest a Wind Pro Stand fan from Orient Electric.
  1. Tower Fans- If you have a deck or balcony where you commonly organize big parties, then this is the right choice. Its sleek design saves you space, lets you move it around, and also gives your outdoor space a modern look and feel altogether.
  1. Wall Fans- If your outdoor ceiling is not compatible with fans, then this is your go-to choice. Look for a wall-mounted outdoor fan with a simple design, that is durable and operates smoothly. To help you stay out of confusion, you can choose the Wall 47 Trendz High-Speed wall fan from Orient Electric.
  1. Mist Fans- Outdoor misting fans are perfect for extremely hot climates and dry climates. Mist fans combine the cooling of water mist with the airflow generated by the fan which reduces the temperature significantly. Orient Electric’s Innovation Cloud 3 Pedestal fan reduces the temperature by 12 degrees Celsius. It also has a fragrance chamber that lets you add your favourite water-soluble scent and creates a relaxing ambience.

Now that you know the type of fans that fit in your checklist, here is the next step. Check for the type of materials used in the fans as it is necessary to choose an outdoor fan built with the right material.

Look for These Materials in Your Outdoor Fans

As the name suggests, these fans are placed in the outdoor spaces. The most common worry for an outdoor fan is the fear of it wearing off. There is a high chance that your outdoor fans can rust or accumulate corrosion because of consistent exposure to outdoor weather conditions. Here is what you should look for in your next outdoor fan so it lasts long on your balcony-

  1. Weather-resistant metal- The fan blades are made of steel, aluminium, and galvanised steel helps reduce corrosion. This also makes your fan durable and long-lasting.
  1. ABS Plastic- You can also look for fan blades constructed from ABS plastic. They are resilient, waterproof and can endure exposure to sunlight and moisture.
  1. Powder-coated finish- The guard and polymer ring of the fan made with a powder-coated finish will keep your fan corrosion-resistant. This also makes your outdoor fan long-lasting and easy to maintain.

What Size Outdoor Fans Do You Need for Your Space?

The one last doubt before you click that buy button is to decide the size of fan you need for your outdoor spaces. Here is a table for your reference.

Sweep Size

Number of blades

Your Outdoor Space



Small patios, balconies


3 to 4

Medium decks, gazebos



Large patios, porches



Spacious gardens, pool


Choosing the right sweep size for your outdoor fan is important as it determines the amount of airflow the fan will provide. It ensures optimal cooling and comfort for your specific outdoor space.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. How long do outdoor fans last?

Ans. Most outdoor fans are designed to last at least 10 years in any weather conditions.

Q2. How high should outdoor fans be?

Ans. For efficient airflow, install your outdoor ceiling fan 12 inches from the ceiling. The tip of the fan’s blade should be at least 24 inches from the nearest wall.

Q3. Can you use a ceiling fan outside?

Ans. Yes, outdoor ceiling fans are quite popular and you can install them on your covered balcony or patio

Q4. Can outdoor fans be in the rain?

Ans. Yes, the powder-coated finish and the galvanised steel or aluminium finish protect the fan from rust and corrosion. Look for fan motors that come with a waterproof seal

Q5. How do I stop my outdoor fan from rusting?

Ans. Look for fans that have powder powder-coated finish that slows down corrosion and rust significantly.

This data was last updated on 20-05-2024