Cooking meals can feel overwhelming for couples managing full-time jobs alongside household chores. Despite the joy of cooking together, the reality of working in a cluttered kitchen with outdated appliances can drain the joy out of the experience. Rummaging through cabinets for the right equipment or struggling with appliances that do not quite perform as they should, especially when you are running late for work is very frustrating. Additionally, few appliances would only be gathering dust or taking up valuable space on your counter.

Cooking together has to be fun but if it falls short then consider revamping your kitchen with the right appliances. Investing in good kitchen appliances will not only ease your cooking process but will also help you save more time and energy for the things that truly bring you happiness. Here we have listed down some of the must-have kitchen appliances for busy couples.

1. Coffee Machine

If you both cherish starting the day right with a good cup of coffee, then having a quality coffee machine is essential, especially for perking up a grumpy partner. A machine that ticks all boxes is hard to find but look for one that makes multiple types of coffees, including cappuccino and espresso. The one that also lets you make coffee with a simple tap on your mobile phone is even more convenient. Our recommendation for you is the De’Longhi Espresso coffee machine from Orient Electric.

2. Juicer Mixer Grinder

If you and your partner prioritize health above all else, then a juicer mixer grinder is a non-negotiable addition to your kitchen. A good juicer will help you whip up fresh, nutrient-packed juices, ensuring your health goals remain on track when time is limited. To grab all the nutrients in a juice, it is sure a must to have a juicer mixer grinder as their blades are designed to leave no residue and extract the juice thoroughly from fruits and vegetables. The best part is the precise juicing of this grinder which results in complete extraction and also reduces messy spills because of its integrated residue collector. Our pick from Orient Electric is the Aisha 2 Jar juicer mixer grinder.


3. Sandwich maker

Looking to whip up a quick breakfast in minutes? A sandwich maker is an absolute must-have in your kitchen. Look for one that has non-stick plates, a safety lock, and a heating indicator. If you are in the market for one, then our recommendation is Orient Chefspecial sandwich maker. With its premium features and ease of use, it may spark a debate over who gets to cook breakfast every day!

4. Hand Blender:

If you and your partner are a fan of smoothies, then this tool is an absolute essential in your kitchen. Compact and convenient, it lets you whip up delicious delicacies in no time. This device also helps in blending and pureeing very conveniently. Look for one that is powerful, ensures smooth blending with super low noise, and is easy to handle. Orient Electric Fine Blend hand blender comes with an impressive 3000W power that blends smoothies and purees to perfection. It’s also a very convenient device to use because of its slim design and takes up very little space in your kitchen.

5. Kitchen machine:

Instead of juggling between multiple appliances for different tasks, this device offers an all-in-one solution for everything from whipping and whisking to kneading dough and more. If you are a couple with a sweet tooth, chances are you enjoy starting your mornings with fluffy pancakes. With this device, whipping up the perfect batter for the fluffiest pancakes takes mere seconds. A nice example of a high-quality kitchen machine is the Kenwood stand mixer which has a powerful 1000W motor that grinds everything very smoothly without lumps. This kitchen machine also comes with 10 different attachments for various kinds of dishes.

6. Rice Cooker:

For couples who relish rice and frequently pack it for their lunch at work, the challenge of cooking it perfectly without making it mushy or sticky can sometimes be off-putting. Thankfully, with rice cookers, this struggle becomes a thing of the past. Simply press a button, close the lid, and within minutes, you will be treated to the fluffiest, perfectly cooked rice. However, this appliance is not just for rice, it also doubles as a steamer for cooking other dishes. The Electric rice cooker from Orient Electric is an ideal kitchen companion for hassle-free meal preparation.


Time is undeniably the most precious commodity, particularly for today's busy working couples managing household responsibilities. With the demands of work and personal life, finding efficient ways to organise household tasks becomes essential. By investing in appliances that offer convenience to your daily routine, you can effectively manage your time and workload.

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