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Stay Cool Anywhere with Portable Table Fans

For instant relief from the scorching heat during summer, a table fan is your favourite companion of all times. Whether you are working in your office or reading a novel on your couch, a personal desk fan can certainly be the right choice. But what exactly is it? It is a compact and portable cooling device that keeps you comfortable during the hottest days. They are easy to carry unlike ceiling fans and can be placed anywhere and ensures you receive a quick breeze where you need it.

So, who needs it? Anyone seeking a breath of fresh air during the heat. If you are looking for focused cooling during your meetings or a game night, table fans can make your engagements more enjoyable and comfortable. Are you planning to buy one soon? Then keep reading because we are here to help you make the right choice.

Buy Table Fan Online

Table fans also known as desk fans commonly are the most compact cooling device that provides you with airflow catering to your specific needs. With technology evolving shopping has never been easy, even if it is for a home appliance. We are here to help you make an informed choice and find the best table fan. Let's first know the types of table fans available in India.

Types of Table Fans

This versatile cooling device has evolved from its traditional roles as it offers a wide range of options to choose from. Here are a few types of table fans available in India, Now you can choose the one that aligns with your needs and preferences.

  1. Electric Desk Fan- These are the new definition of futuristic appliances. As technology advances, electric table fan blends convenience with efficiency making them the perfect addition to your modern spaces.
  1. Silent Desk Fan- No distraction feels good to the ears even if it is from a mini table fan. For that precise reason, silent table fans are designed for those who prioritize a peaceful and comfortable environment. These fans operate quietly making them ideal for both bedrooms and offices.
  1. High-Speed Desk Fan- They provide rapid airflow across the room in a moment’s time. The quick and efficient delivery of air makes it the perfect choice for places that are warm and people who work in small desk spaces.
  1. Personal Desk Fan- You can carry these fans wherever you go. These fans are compact, portable, and aesthetic. Whether you are at your desk or on the go you can simply pick it up, plug it in, and let it deliver high-speed air.
  1. Small Table Fan- These are compact but are very effective. For smaller spaces or cosy ambiences, they effectively circulate air and prevent stuffiness in tight spaces. The designs are made so that they seamlessly blend with your surroundings.

How to Choose the Best Table Fan Online?

Are you planning to upgrade your existing cooling device or are struggling to find the right one that meets your needs? Here is a complete guide to choosing the one that fits your preferences.

  • Decide where you want to primarily use the table fan, Is it for your study room or your work desk?
  • Determine the size of the table fan you need, whether you need a large one for your bedroom or a compact one for your study table.
  • Look for a fan with multiple speed settings that lets you control and customize the speed according to your preferences. Go for high speed table fan for quick delivery.
  • Opt for fans that oscillate as it help distribute air across a wilder area and helps in cooling the room evenly. Retro T16 High Speed Table Fan from Orient Electric has 90-degree oscillation with 3-speed rotator switch control.
  • Be very conscious about the noise level of your table fan. Orient Electric offers CTX technology that eliminates the sound of the motor and delivers high speed air without disturbing your work or study. One good recommendation is the Table 27 High Speed Fan from Orient Electric.
  • Buying a desk fan shouldn't have to burn a hole in your pocket. Look for an energy-efficient table fan that not only keeps you cool but also saves a ton on your utility bills.
  • Nowadays even table fans have additional features like remotes, adjustable angles and air purification. Explore these features depending on your preferences to buy the latest table fan online.

What are the advantages of buying a table fan?

If you are still confused about whether or not you should buy a table fan then here are the benefits of buying one-

  1. Affordability- Best table fan in India is also the most affordable appliance for your home. These budget-friendly fans offer efficient relief from heat without breaking the bank and making it accessible to a wide range of customers.
  2. Portability- These are the practical choices for your cooling solution as the portable desk fans let you easily move from room to room ensuring comfort wherever you go.
  3. Saves your space- As it is compact and portable, these help you save a ton of space in your living room for other pieces of furniture, your study room for more books, and your workstations for more stationery.
  4. Improved Air Circulation- They can easily adapt to any setting and the multiple angles of oscillation ensure efficient airflow across the rooms. This helps prevent stuffiness in smaller spaces and maintains a fresh environment all along.

Table fans consume way less energy than other cooling devices, thus it is not just a great choice but also a smart choice for your home. Did you know it also acts as a reliable backup during the times you need a light breeze or in case your air conditioner fails? Electric desk fans are compact and modern cooling units that rely on electric energy from the battery to spin the blades thus providing efficient airflow. Now that you are on the edge of clicking on the buy button, here is where you need to place your table fan when it arrives.

Optimal Placement for Your Table Fans

While table fans can be placed anywhere, placing them in the right position will ensure optimum cooling everywhere around the room. Let's help you decide on the placement of your table fan-

  1. Workspaces- Working or studying for long hours can be harrowing sometimes if the environment is not comfortable. The most practical space to place your table fan is on your work desk so it keeps you cool as you work increasing productivity.
  1. Bedside Table- For a good night’s sleep on a tiring day, keep it on your bedside table. It ensures a gentle breeze through the night and does not cost you a fortune as an air conditioner would.
  1. Living Room- To enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable time with your family and guests, place a table fan in your living room near to where you sit. You can place it across the windows to circulate fresh air continuously.
  1. Kitchen- Cooking odour can feel uncomfortable sometimes and to make it better you can place a mini table fan in your kitchen. It will help you keep the space comfortable while preparing delicious meals.
  1. Home Office- You can prevent overheating of your computer and also improve your concentration by placing an office table fan on your desk. You can also position it near the window to facilitate cross-ventilation.

You are well aware of the table fan that you need to buy for your home or office. But the one last step is to know the technical specifications so you receive optimal comfort throughout the summers. So, let's explore.

How does a table fan rotate?

A table fan uses a motor and 3 to 4 blades placed at an angle that pushes the air forward while it rotates. The electric motor inside the fan’s base spins the blades. As the blades rotate, they pull the air in from the environment from the back side of the fan and blow it out to your room from the front side. The speed of the rotation can be adjusted to control the airflow thus allowing you to customize your comfort in summers.

How does the speed control in a table fan work?

Speed control in a table fan works simply on the mechanism of the motor and other electronic components. Here is how it works exactly-

  • When you adjust the fan to a specific speed, the motor adjusts its power output accordingly.
  • Then control system in the form of a knob will push to increase or decrease the voltage supplied to the motor. This will then change the rotation of the blades to the desired speed.
  • There are fans that use variable resistors to regulate the voltage that alters the electric current to achieve the desired fan speed.
  • Table fans with a remote or a knob control will help you increase and decrease the speed of the fan at your convenience. Table 27 High Speed Desk Fan from Orient Electric are designed for quiet operation, even at higher speeds noise remains minimal.

How Much RPM is Good For a Table Fan?

Determining the RPM depends upon the room size and the sweep size of the fan. Here is a table that will help you choose the right fan-

Room Size

Sweep Size

RPM Recommended

Small Room



Medium Room



Large Room





In summary, table fans are an effective tool to reduce heat in the environment and improve comfort in your living spaces. It provides a steady stream of cool air, promotes efficient air circulation, and creates a pleasant environment in any closed setting. Thus, they help cool down the temperature, keep you cool during hot days, and help you save money on your electricity bills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do table fans consume a lot of electricity?

Ans. Table fans consume less electricity than other larger fans and thus are both cost-effective and energy efficient.

Q2. Are 2000 RPM table fans loud?

Ans. Modern table fans are quipped with CTX technology that operates quietly even at higher speeds.

Q3. Which table fan is good for the bedroom?

Ans. Table fans that operate quietly with a sweep size of 300-400 mm and an RPM of at least 2000 are suitable for the bedroom.

Q4. Can we use a table fan with our AC?

Ans. Yes, using a table fan with AC can drastically reduce the temperature of the room and give you a comfortable environment.

Q5. Can a table fan reduce the temperature of the room?

Ans. While they are energy efficient, they can reduce the temperature to a certain extent.

Q6. Are table fans energy-efficient?

Ans. Yes, they generally consume less electricity as compared to other large fans.

Q7. Can a table fan be used outdoors?

Ans. Yes, table fans can be used outdoors as they are portable. Place it on the sides and where there is a power socket.

Q8. What is the difference between table fans and pedestal fans?

Ans. Table fans are smaller and are typically placed on a desk while table fans also known as stand fans are placed on the floor.

This data was last updated on 29-05-2024