With summer at its peak, many of us struggle to maintain adequate water intake. The temptation to reach for sugary drinks becomes inevitable, but it's essential to prioritise health in our choices. From refreshing juices to shakes, we all crave something chilled and revitalising during the hot summer months. Citrus juices like lemonade and pineapple juice are popular choices in many Indian households during this weather. They are favoured not only for their refreshing taste but also for their numerous health benefits. Let's explore these benefits:

Why Citrus Juices are Good for Health

  • Low Glycemic Index: Citrus juices have a very low glycemic index, meaning they are less likely to spike your blood sugar levels.
  • Enhanced Mineral Absorption: They aid in the absorption of other minerals, such as iron from plant-based sources, helping you get more out of the food you eat.
  • Hydration: Staying hydrated is crucial in the summer, and citrus juices can help. For instance, a small orange contains approximately 87% water.
  • Weight Loss: If you are on a weight loss journey, don't forget to include these juices in your diet. Citrus juices contain little to no fat, sodium, or calories, and they have a good amount of fibre to keep you full for longer periods.

However, we understand that even the most refreshing drinks can become monotonous. To add some real cool to your summer, here are some easy-to-make, super refreshing, and healthy summer drinks for the season:

The Common Juice: Orange Juice and Lemonade

Before we explore other types of juice this season, we have to mention the classics: orange juice and lemonade. As the saying goes, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." Simply squeeze the juice from a fresh, zesty lemon, add a bit of salt and sugar to taste, mix with cold water, and you have a refreshing glass of lemonade.

Orange juice is another must-have summer beverage. Just squeeze fresh oranges using a juicer mixer grinder, pour the juice into a glass, add a pinch of black salt, and garnish with mint leaves. One common issue when juicing oranges is not extracting enough juice, which could be due to the juicer's efficiency. For optimal results, a high-quality juicer is essential. We recommend the Aisha Juicer Mixer Grinder from Orient Electric for the best performance.

The Party Mocktail

While summer can be tough to handle, many of us love a good, refreshing poolside party. If you’re the one who hosts the annual summer bash at home, here’s a drink you can whip up in minutes. Start with some fresh pineapples—slice them up and juice them. Add some orange juice, mix in a splash of ginger ale, and finish it off with a handful of ice.

This drink isn’t just refreshing; it’s packed with vitamin C, fibre, and minerals like manganese to keep your energy levels high. It’s perfect for a scorching afternoon, as it helps reduce inflammation and aids in detoxification. 

Coastal Refreshment: The Ultimate Summer Drink

This is a must-have drink for summer. Many of us regularly enjoy coconut water during the hot season. It’s no surprise that this drink is incredibly refreshing, thanks to its minerals like potassium, sodium, and magnesium. These minerals help replenish electrolytes lost through sweat, keeping fatigue at bay.

To make it even more delicious, try mixing coconut water with some lemon juice. The result is a low-calorie drink with natural sweetness and a boost of vitamin C, which acts as an antioxidant to support your immune system. Additionally, this drink aids in digestion, a common issue during the scorching summer heat. You’ll fall in love with this refreshing and healthy beverage!

Tropical Infusion 

We can't forget about mango and watermelon during the summer. While plain mango juice is delicious, mixing it with some citrus juice, particularly lemon juice, can boost its health benefits. Lemon juice adds a dose of vitamin C, making it an excellent choice for a summer drink. Simply slice up a mango, put it in a juicer, squeeze in some lemon juice, and voilà—you have one of the best homemade mocktails.

If you have watermelon at home, blend it with some lemonade and top it off with ice and a few fresh basil, rosemary, or mint leaves. This combination is not only refreshing but also perfect for staying cool and hydrated during the hot summer days.

To get the best out of these fruits, a good juicer mixer grinder is essential. It ensures you extract the maximum juice and flavour, making your summer beverages even more delightful. If you are in the lookout for one, then we suggest the Aisha 3 Jar Juicer from Orient Electric. 

Citrus juices are a good choice in summer because they are rich in vitamin C and other essential nutrients that help keep your immune system strong and your body hydrated. Incorporating healthy drinks like these into your summer routine can aid in digestion and provide a refreshing burst of flavour to beat the heat. However, it's important to remember that staying hydrated in the summer goes beyond just enjoying delicious fruit juices. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water throughout the day to maintain your overall well-being. Enjoy these delightful beverages, stay healthy, and stay cool and refreshed all summer long!

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