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As India braces for the upcoming heat, the go-to resort in all households will be a high-speed ceiling fan. But let's be honest, having to get up every time to adjust the fan's speed can be a real pain. That's where technology comes in to save the day with remote-controlled ceiling fans.

Imagine lying in bed after a long day, and with just a click of a remote, you can adjust your fan's speed. Sounds like a dream, right? And not only do these smart fans provide comfort, but they also help save on electricity bills. It's a win-win situation!

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A ceiling fan is the most used appliance in the Indian household. Thus, the appliance is constantly upgraded and modified based on the needs and preferences. These changes will accelerate your comfort and convenience, so you get the best out of every penny you invest. Here is how a remote-control fan can redefine convenience for you-

What Makes a Remote-Controlled Ceiling Fan the Best Choice

Here's why choosing a remote-controlled ceiling fan is a game-changer:

  • Timer and Speed Control: With a remote that lets you adjust the speed and set timers, operating your fan becomes super easy. Orient Electric takes it a step further by allowing you to schedule when your fan should run. Remote fans eliminate the need for checking if the fan's on, especially in empty rooms. Plus, you can switch between modes like sleep mode or breeze mode for added convenience.
  • Remote Fans with Light: On top of that, remote-controlled fans often come with LED lights or under light, doubling up on usefulness and saving electricity. The Spectra ceiling fan from our range of fans with remote, features colour-changing LED lights and stylish electroplated blades that add a touch of elegance to your living space.
  • Energy Efficiency: And let's not forget the best part – an energy-efficient motor. The BLDC motor ensures your remote fan runs smoothly while using very little energy. Unlike regular motors, BLDC motors don't need brushes, which means less friction and less energy wasted. This leads to lower electricity bills and a longer life for your fan. So not only are you staying cool and comfortable, but you're also being eco-friendly and saving money in the long run.

Getting a remote-controlled ceiling fan with a BLDC motor isn't just a luxury; it's a smart choice for modern living. So, as the summer heat approaches, make sure to equip your home with the latest cooling technology and breeze through those hot days with ease.

Buy The Best Remote Fans in India from Orient Electric

Our fans have a series of remote-controlled fans equipped with all premium features that also include a specially designed BLDC motor that lets you save 50% on your electricity bills. Here are a few of our favourite picks:

  • I Float IoT Ceiling Fan: This is one of our premium ceiling fans with a remote that gives multiple speed options and superior air delivery of 215 CMM. With three colour options and metalized rings, this is sure to elevate your interiors like never before. The fan is awarded a 5-star BEE rating because of the BLDC motor. This ensures you save up to Rs 6000 on annual electricity bills.
  • Aeroslim with IoT Ceiling Fan: The beautiful designs and colours make this remote fan super unique. This ceiling fan with LED has a remote that lets you control speed, set a timer, as well as dim or brighten the lights. The best part about this fan is that its voice enabled as well and comes with an adjustable telescopic mounting that fits all types of ceilings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are remote-controlled ceiling fans easy to install?

Ans. Yes, most remote-controlled ceiling fans come with detailed instructions for easy installation.

Q2. Can I use a remote-controlled ceiling fan without a remote?

Ans. While some fans offer manual controls on the fan itself, the remote is typically required for full functionality, including speed adjustment and mode selection.

Q3. Do remote-controlled ceiling fans consume more electricity?

Ans. No, remote-controlled ceiling fans are designed to be energy-efficient, especially those equipped with BLDC motors. They consume minimal energy compared to traditional fans, helping you save on electricity bills in the long run.

This data was last updated on 20-05-2024