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Enhance Your Living Room With Stylish Ceiling Fans

Your living room as we all know is the ultimate oasis of comfort and style, choosing the right ceiling fan can significantly impact your aesthetics. The fan for the living room has to provide efficient cooling and enhance air circulation to provide a pleasant ambience year-round. Thus, They should have energy-efficient features, quiet operations, be visually pleasing, and be convenient to use.

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Not all fans are created equally and selecting the right one depends on a ton of factors like sweep size, air delivery, design, and modern-day features. Here is a complete guide that will help you buy the one that fits perfectly into your living room.

Features to look for in a Living Room Fan

When selecting a ceiling fan for your living room, it is essential to keep in mind the necessary features to ensure that the fan meets both functionality and aesthetics. Here are the features that you should list down while buying a ceiling fan for your living room.

  1. Size and blades- The number of blades and the sweep size of the fan have to be in proportion to the dimensions of the room. If your living room is large then opt for fans with higher size so it effectively circulates air. Keep reading to find the right fan size based on your room size.
  1. Style and design- If you have a particular theme that you follow for all your spaces, then there is also one fan for all those themes. If you have contemporary decor then opt for a designer lifestyle fan or if you have an artistic interior then buy a fancy fan for your living room with intricate designs.
  1. Reversible blades- This is one of the futuristic features of a modern-day ceiling fan. While reversible blades create a cooling breeze in summer they also take up cold air from the surface and push warm air down in winter. Subaris Underlight Ceiling Fan from Orient Electric has a light under the fan as well as a reverse rotation which makes it the best choice for a living room.
  1. Remote control- Convenience is the key to all our hearts. Look for ceiling fans with a remote that lets you switch the fan on and off, control its speed, and set a timer from the convenience of your couch. The Aeroslim IoT Ceiling Fan from Orient Electric is not just remote controlled but also smart feature enabled. This lets you adjust the settings with just a voice command to your Google Assistant or Alexa.
  1. Energy Efficiency- This is a prominent feature as nobody likes to burn a hole in their pocket. Fans with BLDC motor consumes 70% less energy thus saving a ton on your utility bills. Do not forget to check the BEE star rating for better efficiency of the ceiling fan. I-Float 5 Star Rated BLDC Ceiling Fan from our collection is sure the best choice for your living spaces.
  1. Quiet operation- Nobody likes disturbance, especially in the living room where one unwinds and relaxes. Fans with BLDC motor ensures that they operate silently when you are planning to use them often.
  1. Downrod length- This is also an important factor to consider as this can make or break the aesthetics of your room. Based on the ceiling of your room, look for an appropriate length of the downrod. The Aeroslim BLDC Ceiling Fan from Orient Electric has an adjustable telescopic mounting that lets you adjust the length of the fan according to the size of the living room ceiling.

Which Fan to Buy for The Living Room?

It is essential to choose a home appliance that balances your home decor and its functionality. Here is a table for you to decide which fan to choose from the various options available online-

Room Size

Sweep Size

No. of blades

Small (Up to 100 sq. ft)



Medium (100 to 200 sq. ft)


3 or 4

Large (200-400 sq. ft)

1300mm or more

4 or 5


Best Ceiling Fans for Living Room by Mounting Type

Choosing and installing a ceiling fan in your living room does not have to be difficult. Here is how you can find the best types of fan based on your living room ceiling-

  1. Flush Mount Fans- If you have a low ceiling in your living room, then look for flush mount fans that are installed directly against the ceiling.
  1. Standard Mount Fans- If you have a ceiling that is at least 8 feet high then go for fans with standard downrods or extendable downrods. They circulate air thoroughly in the living room.
  1. Slopped Ceiling Fans- A ceiling fan with an angled canopy and adjustable downrod will be a good choice for your living room with a sloped or vaulted ceiling.
  1. Outdoor Fans- If your living room extends into a verandah or a patio, then you need a fan that's portable and functional. Orient Electric’s Cloud 3 Lifestyle Stand fan is as good as it's for the living room as it is for the outdoor spaces. You can simply move the fan wherever you need be it near your couch or next to the porch door. This fan is equipped with cloud chill technology that lowers the temperature by 12 degrees Celsius and also has a fragrance chamber.

Conclusively for all your needs and preferences to make the living room your favourite space, there is a special ceiling fan. Whether you prioritize design or operation, the right fan can transform your living space into a stylish haven year-round. To make your buying journey easy, you can now buy the perfect ceiling fan for the living room from Orient Electric’s website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What size ceiling fan is suitable for a small living room?

Ans. For a small size living room look for a fan with at least 1200mm sweep size.

Q2. Are there ceiling fans designed for vaulted living room ceilings?

Ans. Yes, ceiling fans with adjustable downrods are designed for vaulted living room ceilings.

Q3. How do I balance a wobbly ceiling fan in my living room?

Ans. You can replace your wobbly fans with height-adjustable ceiling fans that will let you customise the download according to the height of the ceiling. This will help the fans to not wobble around the ceiling.

Q4. Are there ceiling fans compatible with home automation systems?

Ans. Yes, ceiling fans with smart features that are IoT-enabled are well-compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa. This lets you control your fan settings with a voice command.

Q5. What are the energy-efficient options for ceiling fans in the living room?

Ans. Ceiling Fans with BLDC motors are the energy-efficient option that lets you save 40% on your electricity bill.


This data was last updated on 18-04-2024