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A Blend of Performance & Style: A Fan for All Your Needs

Fans are one of the most essential appliances in all households. With the advent of summer, we all find rescue under the fan or an air conditioner. While an AC can give you a massive amount on your electricity bills, ceiling fans act both as a cost-efficient and energy-efficient solution to beat the heat. If you are planning to buy one for this season or are looking to upgrade then here is a run-down of everything you need to know about fan.

Most Prominent Types of Fan

If you are planning to buy a fan for your home or office, then the first step is to select the type that you need. There are two common distinctions in fans: ceiling fans and other TPW fans which include table fans, pedestal fans and wall-mounted fans. Let’s explore these types in detail:

Ceiling Fans

These are the fans that are installed on the ceiling and are commonly seen in homes or large halls. Following are the different kinds of ceiling fans-

  1. BLDC Fans: This is one of the key buzzwords in the ceiling fans market nowadays. Fans with BLDC motors are powered by direct current and work without the brush to rotate, unlike a regular fan. The output of such a motor is a massive reduction in the power consumption. BLDC motor fan consumes up to 32 watts as compared to the 75 watts consumed by a normal fan. As a result of this, there is also a reduction in the annual electricity bills in the Indian household. This BLDC ceiling fan can cut the electricity bill by 50% annually.
  2. Decorative Fans: Modern homes are designed with beautiful aesthetics in mind. When you pick colours for your wall so thoughtfully, the appliance on your fifth wall needs to complement it as well. A decorative fan is made for this reason. From sleek blade designs to minimal patterns moulded on the fan, this appliance can amp up your living spaces like never before. If you are planning to buy a fan for your newly built home or planning to renovate your home, then the Deco series from Orient Electric will be a good choice.
  3. Smart Fans / IoT Fans: These ceiling fans are redefining convenience in the Indian household. You no longer have to get up from your sleep or your binge-watching sessions to switch the fan on/off or control the speed. Fans can now be controlled via a mobile app thus making it super easy to control your fan from anywhere around the world. Additionally, there are smart fans that are IoT-enabled. These fans are compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant and you can control and operate them with just a voice command

Table Fans

These are small desk fans that are portable, compact, and can be placed on tables. Most commonly used in study rooms or small rooms, these are very convenient to use and deliver superior airflow. The best part about these fans is their usage. You can direct the airflow to where you want as it comes with its up-down tilt mechanism. If you are looking to buy one this summer, then the Table 27 table fan from Orient Electric can be a great choice. This fan has 3-speed controls, and aerodynamic blades for maximum air delivery, and is equipped with CTX technology for silent operation.

Pedestal Fans

Also called as stand fans, these are placed on the floor and deliver high-speed air. These fans have a lower power consumption thus giving an energy efficient solution to beat the heat. These are also portable making it easy to use them wherever you want. If you are in the market for one, we recommend picking the Stand 82 pedestal fan. This has a high air thrust and superior airflow and also has a height adjustment feature that makes it super convenient to use.

Wall Fans

These are wall-mounted fans that are commonly seen in offices or study rooms. These save your floor space as well as your ceiling space. These wall mounts are easy to install and deliver high speed with less energy consumption. If you are looking for a perfect wall fan for your room, our recommendation for you is the Wall 49 fan from Orient Electric. These come in multiple colours and deliver high-speed air and also can be controlled with a remote

Exhaust Fans

These are small ventilation fans that are commonly seen in kitchens, bathrooms, and industrial workshops. These are essential for homes and offices to circulate fresh air inside the rooms and blow out stale air, excess moisture, and pollutants from an enclosed space. At Orient Electric, we have a wide range of vent fans. One pick for you is the 9-inch Ventilator DX exhaust fan for the kitchen. This fan has an automatic shutter as an added safety from dust and insects.

Features to Look for in a Fan

There are some cool features that you can look for while buying a fan for your home. Here is a list of factors that you should keep in mind if you are looking to upgrade to a good fan this season:

Energy Efficiency: A regular fan consumes up to 75W of power. If you use 4 fans for approximately 16 hours a day then you can imagine the effect it has on your electricity bills. Thus, this aspect has to be in your checklist. Look for a BLDC motor fan that consumes up to 32W of power. Considering a similar scenario, this motor reduces electricity bills by up to 50% annually. Here is a brief detail of how it saves money :

Induction Motor


BLDC Motor


Power Consumption



Energy Used (in kWH per year)



Electricity bill per annum at Rs 6.5/Unit


Based on this table, a BLDC fan can save up to Rs 6000 annually if 4 fans are running 16 hours a day on average.

Easy to maintain: Cleaning a fan is a difficult task, thus look for fans that are dust-free and rust-proof so it is easy to clean and maintain once in a while. A fan recommendation for you with all these features is the Aeroquiet BLDC ceiling fan from Orient Electric.

Noise Proof: Nobody likes a noisy fan while sleeping, resting or at any point in time. A fan has to be powerful in air delivery and silent in operation. Thus, specifically look for a fan that is silent and powerful. BLDC motor fan is known for silent operation. If you are in the market for a ceiling fan, then the BLDC fan is your go-to choice. Meanwhile, at Orient Electric, we have designed not just ceiling fans but TPW fans that operate silently. We incorporate CTX technology that ensures silent operation, low power consumption, and consistently high air delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What size fan do I need for my room?

Ans. Measure your room's square footage and choose a fan with a diameter appropriate for that size, generally ranging from 36 to 56 inches.

Q2. How do I clean my fan?

Ans. Use a damp cloth with a brush attachment to clean the blades, and wipe down the motor and housing with a soft, dry cloth.

Q3. What's the difference between ceiling fans and tower fans?

Ans. Ceiling fans are mounted on the ceiling and circulate air downwards, while tower fans are freestanding and oscillate to distribute air throughout the room.

Q4. How do I reverse the direction of my fan?

Ans. Look for a switch on the fan's remote control to change the direction of the blades, typically clockwise for winter and counterclockwise for summer.

Q5. Why is my fan making noise?

Ans. Loose components can cause noise; clean the fan regularly and tighten any loose screws to resolve the issue.