A Tubelight is well, a Tubelight. It flickers, flickers a bit more and then starts. From Bollywood to everyday jokes to real life, a tubelight represent things that are slow and take their own good time to react. If you still have those conventional tubelights at home, you very well know the problem of flickering and taking your super intelligent guesses of which has conked off, the choke or the starter. Well, if it’s so, it’s time you make the switch to new-age LED battens that offer high lumen efficacy with huge energy & cost savings, come without any choke or starter and put and end to the age-old problem of flickering tube lights.

More Brightness, More Savings

Whether it’s a residential space or a commercial one, LED battens, with their high luminous efficacy, effective light distribution and compact design, are an ideal replacement for the conventional tubelights (T12/T8/T5). When it comes to energy savings, conventional tubelights are a no match. If you replace just one 40-watt conventional tube light with an 18-watt Orient LED batten (average usage of 10 hours daily), you will get an annual saving of about Rs. 480* while also saving 80 kWh of annual energy and reducing annual CO2 emissions by 0.03 tons. To paint a better picture, we would suggest you try our LED Battens Energy Saving Calculator.

Orient LED Battens – Now, that’s a bright idea!!

Let us have a look at key features of Orient Electric LED battens that make them a smart choice for replacement of conventional tube lights.

Instant start, Flicker free light
Up to 80% savings in comparison to conventional tubelights.
High Grade polycarbonate and non-yellowing co extrusion for more durability, better aesthetics and long life.
Green Lighting Technology - Eco Friendly, No mercury, No UV and IR radiation
High Power factor > 0.90
High lumen efficiency – 100 lumens per watt
Long life of more than 20000 hrs.
Ease of installation
Can the Battens change colours, yes they do!

Orient is offering LED battens in a variety of lengths and wattages to suit varied aesthetic preferences and usage environments. It has recently expanded the range to include three new variants – 18W tri-colour Moodlight LED batten which can provide three distinct colours of light as per consumers mood and or according to the ambience of the room, 24W Sunlight LED batten that offers high brightness and 20W Pearl LED Glass Tube batten with unique fixture free design & low glare light.

Scoring big over fluorescent tubelights (FTLs) in terms of design, light output, maintenance and energy efficiency, LED battens are a must-have for your home. After all, a ‘tubelight’ is just a ‘tubelight’…right???
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