The festival of lights, Diwali is a time of colourful celebrations, family get-togethers, and vibrant decorations. One of the most captivating factors of Diwali is the use of decorative lights in different colours and patterns to give your home, streets, and work spaces a mesmerizing look. But choosing the right Diwali light is not just about the aesthetics but also about reflecting the charm and spirit of this festive season. We are here to make your celebrations remarkable and help you choose the perfect lighting for all your settings.

The Symbolism of Light in Diwali

Before we get into the ifs and buts of our discussion, let's take a few steps backwards to understand the spiritual significance of light in Diwali. This festival marks the victory of good over evil and lighting lamps and candles symbolises the triumph of knowledge over ignorance. This sets the stage for the profound impact of light on our psyche during these festive times.

Choosing Your Diwali Lights

It is the time of the year when every house is brimming with a diverse array of decorative lights, each spreading its unique charm. It sets the tone for the festivities making people feel more comfortable and connected. These lights impart a cosy warmth so your guests feel at home and ease. Let's explore some of the most popular options-

  1. LED String Lights- These are one of the versatile options that you can choose from the lot. They come in different styles and colours and you can decorate your indoors and outdoors, The thin decorative lights are flexible enough and can put your creative abilities to the test.
  1. Traditional Diyas- You can be all modern around your house but you can not let go of this traditional lighting solution. These have been associated with Diwali for centuries but they also impart authentic and rustic charm to your decor.
  1. LED Rope Lights- You can not say no to these lights on Diwali. For all you minimalist interior designers, these are the lights that you can subtly use behind any of your mirrors, or on the ceiling. Hence, it illuminates bright light around your room effectively.
  1. Candles- If you want to give your house a more welcoming and inviting look, then go for candles. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and lighting them up can immediately give your house a more soothing effect. But, if you wish to feel younger amongst your guests, then scented candles are your way. They are the modern-day candles for your house, that give out amazing fragrances and light up your house thoroughly.
  1. Curtain Lights- You took an ample amount of time to clean your house and replace your old curtains with fresh and clean ones for Diwali right? Now, let's amp it up a little! Get those LED decorative lights and hang them up on your curtains. LED curtain lights are vibrant and come in different designs like a star or a diya. You can hang them up over the curtain and it converges with your curtains as well as your room decor.

Light Up Your Spaces with Decorative Lights

It's not a new piece of information to use decorative lights across your home during festivities, and in India especially during Diwali. Often, people hang their lights on the railing of their balcony outdoors but you can also decorate your indoors with light. We will walk you through the places that you can decorate with fancy Diwali lights-

  1. Living Room- While you can hang lanterns in your living rooms decorative wall lights can do wonders in terms of giving your indoors a wonderful look. The LED string lights that we talked about previously, you can hang up from your ceiling or even create a picture corner by hanging your old pictures on these lights.
  1. Dining Area- This is where most of your guests are going to be, so don't just let them drool over the delicious food but also the aesthetic decor. Use candles to adorn your dining table and hang handmade decor lights to hang over the dining room ceiling.
  1. Puja Room- We are sure you are already going to light diyas around your pooja room. However, this time when you adorn your temple with flowers and diyas, also use rope lights. Rope lights are truly flexible and you can fold them or mend them to fit the shape that you desire.
  1. Garden and Pathways- You can use LED Rope lights to put over your plants and bushes in the garden to give your outdoors a festive vibe as well. To make it more elegant, hang strip lights on the pathways or the door.

Where to Shop for Diwali Lights?

It is a huge hassle to take time to buy everything you need for Diwali from physical stores when you are busy cleaning and dusting, right? To make it easier for you, go to Orient Electric’s website where you will find a vast array of lights from curtain lights to strip lights. Who knows, scrolling through the website you may also find some festive offers made specially for you.

Maintaining Your Decorative Diwali Lights

Your fancy Diwali lights might hang around for days sometimes even months till Christmas. While it's an easy job to keep the decor the same for the next festival, it can also damage your lights. Thus, ensure they stay in good condition for multiple uses. Store them in a box in a cool and dry place. You can wrap them up in a cardboard cylindrical pipe to avoid tangling. Check for broken bulbs and wires before checking.


While there are no strict rules for decorating your home during Diwali, these lights bring warmth and togetherness. When we illuminate our houses with decorative LED lights, we are lighting up the hearts of those around us, spreading love and joy. With many options available in the market, look for decorative lights online for varieties of options, better offers, and easier choices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to put Diwali lights in your home?

Ans. For all your indoor spaces, you simply hang your decorative lights from the ceiling or around any paintings on the wall. There are decorative wall lights that you can use to decorate all your walls. For all your outdoor spaces, you can use wrap your string lights around the plants and trees to give a festive vibe to your house altogether.

Q2. What colour lights for Diwali?

Ans. The most common colour to choose for your Diwali lighting is white, yellow, red, and blue, These are glowy and bright and adds a vibrant touch to all your spaces.

Q3. Which colour light is good for the pooja room?

Ans. As you will be lighting lamps and diyas in your mandir it will already be brimming in yellow. Thus better option for your mandir will be off-white, blue, or white colour LED Strip lights.

Q4. How to decorate a house with lights for Diwali?

Ans. Light up scented candles, diyas, and decorative lights to decorate your house during Diwali.
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