Soon the houses are going to light up, the buildings around you are going to look bright, and soon everything is going to look festive. Yes, you guessed that right, Diwali is around the corner. No matter where you are and how old you become hanging lights and bursting crackers will never go out of style on Diwali. But will you deny it if we ask you whether you get all confused about the decorations for Diwali at home every year?

Picture this, you drafted an exciting invite and have all the groceries arranged to make some delicious dishes for your guests. But you had no time to decorate your house or give your house a festive makeover. Ouch, isn't that a huge catastrophe? Ah, fret not, dust off that cardboard box on the top of your cupboard and bring out those decorative lights you have been saving for years now. If you do not have any lights lying around, then this might be the right time you shop for a few. Now that you have all your lights on deck here is how you can use them to decorate your house.

Light up your stairs

If you live on the 13th floor or have a huge bungalow to yourself, your stairs need to look like a party ramp for pictures. The rope lights you have need to work for your stairs to look fancy. Roll the light around the railings in a zig-zag manner till you reach the top of your stairs. Repeat this on the other railing and plug it in. You may use an extension cord if necessary. Voila! You have an Elizabethan fashion show set up right at your abode.

Revamp your balcony

Your little flower garden is in dire need of some makeover. Now that you are going to have some critics at your home soon, gear up for some great appreciation. Arrange all your plants to the sides of your balcony or garden. Place some plant hangers on the wall (Macrame looks the best). Then finally on these plant holders and the grills of your balcony roll out your LED decorative lights thoroughly. To accentuate the festive vibe, place two chairs and a table in the middle for people to hang out together. You can fold your rope lights, put them in a jar, and keep the jar on the table for an elegant look overall.

String Lights on Pictures

For some nostalgia element in your party, pull out the pictures from all your previous celebrations. Believe us, there is no dull moment at a party if there is a conversation about old moments and friendship. Buy some mini clips to decorate your pictures on the wall. Now hang the strip lights on a living room wall in vertical straight lines. Then clip 4 pictures on one strip each and light it up. Boom! You have your conversation starter in place. Don't forget to click more pictures with these bright pictures.

Home-Made Chandeliers

If you have time to get more creative and innovative then this is a simple and easy idea for you. We are sure you have bangles at home right? Pick up those bangles and hang the decorative string lights on them vertically. Pick out a thread and tie it on the bangle to make a hanger for it and hang it on the ceiling of your room. Light it up and you have your own hand-made bright and beautiful chandelier for your home.

Paper Cup Lights

If you chose the last idea then here is one more interesting one for you. All the paper cups you bought for Diwali nights for your drinks, use a few to decorate your home too. Make a hole beneath the cup. Fold the decorative hanging lights and put them inside the cup through the hole, Then tie all the cups together and don't forget to give gaps between the cups. Light it up and there you have a simple designer decor for your Diwali celebrations.

Curtain Lights

We are sure you need to turn some heads around with the new sheer curtains you bought. Want to make it even better? Lights are the answer. You will easily find curtain lights online. You need to simply put it on the curtains (as the name suggests) and then light it up. If you don't have a suitable curtain, then you can use your old sheer red or white dupatta and roll up the lights over it. Place a table and stool near the decor and here you have a cozy corner for your Diwali party.

Outdoor Decorations

You do not want to leave the outdoors of your house looking dull if you have you are indoors all brightened up with lights, right? You can use string lights, decorative garden lights, or decorative tree lights for your outdoor decorations. Use the lights to cover up the borders of your door. Hang some lights on the tree or plants you have outside your house. You can also look for decorative light bulbs to hang outside your house as well.

You are all set to decorate your home for Diwali with lights, but if can't find your old lights or are looking to buy one, then here is a list of items that you can look for

  • Rope Lights- These are like springs, you can twist them, fold them, wrap them into a ball and still you will get only bright lights out of it. It is best to hang up on your trees, on the stairs, or even on your balcony railings.
  • Toran Lights- Don't forget to add this to your Diwali light decoration ideas. These are small decorative lights that you can use to decorate your doors. These are fancy lights that accentuate the whole vibe of your house and give it a simple yet elegant makeover.
  • String Lights- While these look similar to rope lights these are flexible circuit boards with lights mounted over them. These are great for all your flat and hard surfaces.

Now that you know what to buy for Diwali and how to use it, we have all that you need for your Diwali Light Decoration on Orient Electric’s website. With offers and deals made specially for you, we will make sure you have a blast this Diwali.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which light is best for Diwali decoration?

Ans. You can use rope lights, string lights, or fairy lights to decorate your indoor and outdoor spaces for Diwali.

Q2. How many types of Diwali lights are there?

Ans. The most common type of Diwali lights is rope lights commonly known as Larri/Ladii People also use Diyas to light up their homes on Diwali.

Q3. How do I decorate my house on Diwali?

Ans. Once you are done cleaning the dust, you can use lights, star lights, or curtain lights to decorate your house. On the day of Diwali, you can light up candles and Diyas and draw a rangoli outside your house.

Q4. Why is Diwali known as the festival of lights?

Ans. Diwali is also called as Deepavali. Deepa means a clay lamp used to kindle the light and avali means to stick in Sanskrit. Together, it means to stick lights, thus to celebrate the good over the bad people light up diyas together and hang lights around their homes.

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