Isn't it annoying when your sibling takes up all the hot water from your geyser and you have to wait outside the bathroom for the next 20 minutes to get a steady stream of hot water? So, do you see where the problem is? Hey, it's not your sibling it's your water heater! Are you a family of four and use hot water in two of your bathrooms and in the kitchen as well? Then you need more than a 10L or 15L water heater. Water heaters become unavoidable during winter for all purposes that demand a steady water supply. Here are all the reasons why you should buy a water heating system with at least 25L capacity for your large family of 4 or 6 members.

Abundant Supply of Hot Water

It is clear by now that you will have to buy a 25L water heater for a family that has 4 or more members. But how does it exactly work? And is it really worth it? Yes, let us make it clear to you that it is a beneficial option if you planning to buy a geyser for your house this winter. When you switch a storage water heater on, it heats the water and then stores it inside the tank for as long as you want. You can use it whenever you require it later during the day and never run out of hot water supply.

One for all your bathrooms

It can be a nightmare to coordinate the demand for hot water in multiple bathrooms. Stop now, if you are planning to buy two 5L small water heaters for your house. What you can do instead is place a 25L storage water heater strategically to serve several bathrooms simultaneously. This does not just save you money but also helps in saving some space in your bathrooms.

Durable and Reliable

If you are looking for a large-capacity geyser, then you will not have to worry about the durability of the same as well. They are built to last and are designed to withstand constant use during all seasons and whenever required. Rest assured that your geyser will continue to provide hot water at least for the next 12 years to come.

Saves You Money

We understand the hassle of paying your utility bills, especially during the winter. Most of us keep the geyser on for a longer duration for instant hot water supply. This adds up to your monthly electricity bills and also slowly wears off the water heater itself. Now, buying a storage water heater that too with a 25L capacity is sure a must. You wouldn't have to switch it on time after time as it stores the hot water. Every time a member of your family requires hot water, storage water geysers will provide it instantly within no time.

Low Maintenance

It's enough responsibilities and deadlines to cover without adding the maintenance of a water geyser to the mix. Most 25L water heaters are space-saving and also are easy to take care of. In fact, most of them require minimal to zero maintenance because of the materials used in the body or the efficient heating element used inside the water heating system. You can now stop worrying about the struggle of cleaning your home appliances to maintain the aesthetics of your bathroom or kitchen.

Choose from Orient Electric

All odds are in your favour to buy a geyser that suffices all your hot water demands. The answer still remains the same, a 25 L storage water heater will be a good enough option for your family of 4 or more members. But we won't let you wander in a pool of options, instead, we will help you buy the one that is designed specially for you. Here are a few options from Orient Electric that you can choose from-

  1. No, you do not have to schedule an appointment at a spa anymore because Aquator IoT Glassline Storage Water Heater gives you a similar experience right at your home. It is a futuristic geyser with smart LED indicators and multiple modes that let you set the heating at different temperatures. Oh, it does not just stop here, you can control this water heating system with an app! The 5-star BEE rating of the water heater is the cherry on top.
  1. Looking for durability and capacity in one? Then your search ends here with the Fontus Quad Glassline Storage Water Heater from Orient Electric. The 25L storage geyser is designed ultra-diamond glassline tank that increases its lifespan by up to 40%. It used the whirflow technology to give 20% more water than the usual 25L water heater. Plus, it is very compatible for high rise buildings and will supply hot water to your bathroom and kitchen efficiently and consistently.

In conclusion, invest in a geyser that gives you all the features and ensures that you never run out of hot water. It makes your everyday life more comfortable and convenient.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. What size heater for 4 adults?

Ans. For the average use of hot water, a storage water heater with 25L or more will be suitable for a family of 4 adults.

Q2. Is a 25L geyser energy efficient?

Ans. Yes, it is an energy-efficient option as it heats the water once and stores it for next time use as well. However, you should look for water heaters with at least 5 BEE Star ratings.

Q3. Can a storage water heater handle continuous hot water needs?

Ans. Yes, the purpose of a storage water heater is to manage your constant hot water needs. The tank inside the heater stores the hot water and supplies it to you whenever you require it.

Q4. How can I maintain my geyser?

Ans. Although, geysers are mostly low maintenance. However, check for leaks once in a while, flush the tank and ensure that the thermostat is functioning properly.

Q5. Which is better 15L or 25L water heater?

Ans. For a 2-member family with hot water usage in the bathroom, a 15L water heater will be suitable. For a family of 4 and hot water usage in both bathroom and kitchen then a 25L water heater will be suitable.

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