Do you get up from the bed and step on the frosty floor to go to the bathroom just to switch on the water heater an hour before you shower? If you do, then be relieved because you are not the only one. In a time when the first thing we do in the morning is check our phones, how would it be if you got to switch on your geyser simply with your phone and that too from your bed? It is the future of convenience, right? That's exactly what smart geysers have to offer you. The sheer comfort of setting the temperature, scheduling the time, and being able to control it from anywhere is what makes the wifi geysers so unique and an on-demand heating solution for this winter. To give you a bigger picture of why these are the heating solutions of the season, here are a few reasons.

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Buy Smart Geysers for Your Home

It's a tad bit difficult to believe that technology can do wonders when it comes to a home appliance like a water heater. However, with the right technology and built-quality water heaters, they can also become ' smart technology enabled’. Keep scrolling to know exactly what all this talk is about!

What is a Smart Geyser?

It's exactly what your mobile devices are—an appliance with wifi compatibility. A water heater with wifi is connected through an application that can be downloaded on mobile devices. Once you establish the connection to the water heater from your phone, just tap to switch it on, tap to switch it off, and tap to schedule the water heating time. But is that all that makes it different from the common storage water heaters you find online? The answer is no. Come, let's check out all the top reasons why you should immediately replace the water heater at your home with a wifi geyser.

Two Modes Make all the difference

One might assume that buying a water heater with wifi can not only cost a lot of money but also consume a lot of electricity. To break this notion and to make you feel relieved, let me tell you that smart geysers have two built-in modes. Both of them ensure that there is fast heating of water and no extra usage of electricity.

For example, the Aquator+ IoT Storage Water Heater from Orient Electric has one Smart Mode that ensures fast heating and switches the heater once it is done heating. It also has an Eco Mode that sets the heating to the optimal temperature and lets you conserve energy while keeping the water warm for a long period. It doesn't just stop there; there is a manual mode that lets you customize and save temperature settings as per the specific needs of all family members.

To make it even easier for you, these smart geysers are technology-enabled as well as energy-efficient. Both the premium qualities of the clubbed together make it the perfect choice for optimum comfort and convenience.

A Simple Voice Command Will Do It All

It feels like a breeze to make Google or Alexa do everything for you, right? What if we tell you that it only needs a voice command to operate your water heater? Hmmm.. So it doesn't just sound fascinating; it is also utterly true! The Cronos Smart Polymer Tank Storage Water Heater from Orient Electric is compatible with both Google and Alexa. This water heater is not just smart but also durable; it comes with a 20% extended hot water output and exceptional corrosion resistance.

Therefore, switching to smart will not just be the right decision this winter, but it will also let you experience top-notch comfort at your fingertips.

Connect From Anywhere Across the World

It's such a hassle to wait for the geyser to heat the water after a tiring day, isn't it? Imagine the stress of forgetting to switch off the water heater before you step out of your house! With smart geysers, you can finally say goodbye to these worries. This heating system conveniently lets you connect it to your phone through a smart application. All you have to do after is just tap on your phone to switch it on or off from anywhere around the world.

At Orient Electric, we offer you an application called the Orient Smart App and an IoT-enabled smart plug. The features offered by this app are as follows:

  • Once connected, you can operate the water heater from anywhere you are, be it in your room, office, or mall.
  • It has three modes that you can set your water heaters to manual mode, smart mode, and eco mode.
  • The app lets you set or schedule a time to switch on the water heater. The water heater will automatically switch the geyser on or off based on your scheduled time.
  • It also lets you check the real-time status of the water heater, whether it is switched on or off, or the temperature of the water heater.

If technology offers you convenience at your fingertips, then you should not wait to grab the opportunity. Smart geysers can make your life easier than ever before. It not only lets you save electricity but also gives you features to operate right on your mobile devices. It's the time when technology is blooming, and shouldn't we be swimming in this ocean for good? We sure do so quickly grab the best smart geysers online from our official shopping website,

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What does a smart heater do?

Ans. Smart water heaters make your operations easy through an application, give you real-time working status, give you multiple modes to customize the heating as per your needs and preferences, and also track your electricity bill online on the app.

Q2. How does a smart heater work?

Ans. Smart geysers are IoT water heaters that work on wifi, so they let you operate your water heaters through an application. You can simply download this application on your mobile phone.

Q3. Do smart geysers use too much electricity?

Ans. The smart geysers give you the convenience of customizing the heating as per your needs and also automatic switch-off, which makes sure that you save more electricity as compared to the other common water heaters online.
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