There is a famous saying, “A room should feel collected, not decorated,” and we are here to make it happen for you. A lot of homes these days and their interior decor look the same because we are all following the same trend, magazines, and social media to decorate the rooms. While they look fantastic as aesthetic home decor, they may not reflect who you are or the people living in the house. A key to doing it right is to mix and match appliances like ceiling fans and other collectables that not only reflect the designs of your home but also your aesthetics.

The first appliance we all buy for our home is a fan. Thus, out of necessity, we tend to overlook the potential of this essential appliance and end up buying one that doesn't fit the style of the room. At Orient Electric, we are focused on solving all your challenges by providing you with the best of technology and convenience rolled into one. This is how we will help you buy the best ceiling fan for all your rooms-

  1. Based on the aesthetics of your room
  2. Based on the size of your room
  3. Our online shop to browse from a variety of options

Ceiling Fans Ideal for Every Room

We understand that preferences vary when it comes to designing our rooms. We all have different styles, our usage is different, and the size of our room varies as well. We at Orient Electric have believed in innovation and convenience for our consumers for over a decade now and are designing home appliance that suffices all their needs and preferences. As a pioneer in the ceiling fans category, here is a complete overview of the fans that you need for your home based on style and aesthetics.

1.Basic Ceiling Fans for Minimalistic Decor

Are you one of those people who likes everything simple? Then we agree with you that all things basic make everything look elegant. For rooms that are not too bright or colourful rather have lighter solid colours or if you prefer less showpieces around your home, then a basic fan for all your room is your go-to appliance. Fans like the Rapid Air High Speed Ceiling Fan from Orient Electric are the right choice for your home. This fan has a 1200mm blade sweep which means it provides extensive ventilation coverage in your living space.

2.Ceiling Fans with LED for Modern Rooms

High-rise buildings look super elegant from the outside but often because of the height the rooms may get hotter than usual. To solve this issue while maintaining the modern set-up of your house a fully functional ceiling fan that has both technology and style integrated into one. Such a fan is the Spectra underlight ceiling fan from Orient Electric. What makes it so perfect for you is that it has a 1200mm blade sweep size, a motor size of 320 RPM, and a 230 CMM air delivery speed that makes it super functional for your home with its high-speed airflow. It also comes with a remote thus making your job easier to control the fan. 

3.Designer Ceiling Fans for Living Rooms

If you like bright and colourful living spaces, we understand how they make you feel delighted whenever you come home. The perfect choice for you is the designer ceiling fans. They are both minimalistic and graceful. The designs will have simple lines, but a fancy look overall. A good example is the Jazz Art decorative ceiling fan from Orient Electric, you can choose your favourite one from 5 different colours and has a motor speed of 370RPM making it the perfect high speed fan for your living room. This fan has a state of the art in mould design to make your modern living look more appealing.

4.Ceiling Fans with Chandeliers for Traditional Decor

Traditional interior designs are not uncommon these days, people are turning more towards such aesthetics with time. It looks extremely elegant as every piece in such living rooms is handpicked carefully to give the complete outlook of a traditional living space. You sure must not go wrong with your appliances as well, thus a fan that fits exactly into the look is Eleganza luxury chandelier ceiling fan from Orient Electric. The most exciting part about this fan is its retractable blades and the 3 mood lighting options.

5.High-Speed Ceiling Fans for All Rooms

This is the most necessary ceiling fan in the current times. It is often assumed that high-speed fans consume more energy than the basic ones. With the advancement in technology, we have come up with a solution that provides you optimum airflow while you save up to Rs7000* on your electricity bills with the BLDC technology. Our Ecotech Supreme BLDC ceiling fan has six colour variants, 370RPM motor speed, and a 1200mm blade sweep size that efficiently spreads air to all corners of your home. What does the BLDC motor do to help you save energy?

How does BLDC motor help you save big on your electricity?

          Let's understand how BLDC works-

  • Unlike conventional motors that use brushes to create an electromagnetic field, BLDC ceiling fans electronically regulate the motors with the help of permanent magnets.
  • They are designed to consume up to 50% less energy which translates into a huge savings on your electricity bill.
  • No brushes mean no friction, thus no scope for noise making it the ideal ceiling fan for your bedroom and living room.
  • The high durability of the BLDC fan ensures a longer lifespan, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Orient Electric- Redefining comfort through innovation

Orient Electric has set itself apart as an industry leader. Their unwavering commitment to excellence is evident in a legacy marked by cutting-edge designs, energy-efficient solutions, and a relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction.

With a rich history of innovation, Orient Electric has consistently introduced fan models that embody the perfect blend of style and functionality. From revolutionary blade designs to state-of-the-art motor technologies, they continue to push the boundaries of what a fan can achieve. By prioritizing research and development, Orient Electric not only anticipates consumer needs but exceeds expectations, setting new benchmarks for the entire industry.

  • Adjustable Mounting: One size doesn't fit all, and we understand the importance of flexibility in installation. We have introduced ceiling fans with adjustable mounting options, allowing you to tailor the fan's height to your specific needs. Whether you have high ceilings or low ceilings, our fans offer the versatility you need for optimal air circulation.
  • Reverse Rotation: We go beyond conventional functionality as we include reverse rotation. This feature is a game-changer, especially in climates with varying seasons. The forward rotation creates a cooling breeze during summers while in winter, the reverse rotation circulates warm air trapped near the ceiling and provides year-round comfort.
  • IoT Enabled: Embracing the era of smart living, we have integrated (IoT) capabilities into our ceiling fans as well. This means now you can control your fan remotely through a remote. Switching the fan on/off, adjusting speed, and setting schedules, we offer convenience and control simply at your fingertips.
  • Speed efficiency: Our leading range in high-speed ceiling fans is the Orient Aero Series. We have bold, dynamic, and decorative fans in this series. They are governed by the core principles of aerodynamics applied in aircraft and Formula One cars. The blades have a unique winglet design which minimises the vortex and delivers higher air thrust and minimal noise. Our Aeroquiet premium BLDC fan has a motor speed of 310RPM with a 5-star BEE Rating. This helps you save up to Rs 6000 on your annual electricity bill.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How many blades is best for a bedroom ceiling fan?

Ans. A ceiling fan with 3 to 4 blades and a BLDC motor that reduces noise are common and effective for a bedroom.

Q2. Which is the best ceiling fan for the living room?

Ans. Based on the aesthetics you can choose from basic or fans with underlight for your simple living room or a fan with a chandelier for a traditional interior design.

Q3. Does a ceiling fan with light consume more electricity?

Ans. For rooms up to 75 square feet, a ceiling fan with a blade span of approximately 900 mm is suitable. For larger rooms, a fan with a blade span of around 1200mm is recommended.

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