In today's world, where comfort and style go hand in hand, the ceiling fan has become more than just a functional appliance—it is a reflection of our lifestyle. With every aspect of our homes meticulously curated, choosing the right ceiling fan has evolved into a decision that is not just about cooling requirements but also about creating the perfect ambience.

In recent years, we have seen a noticeable shift in how people choose a fan for their homes. No longer satisfied with basic functionality alone, consumers now seek a balance between performance, design, convenience, and above all energy-efficiency. One important change to look at is how this home appliance is no longer just a utilitarian object but rather a statement piece that contributes to the overall aesthetics of a room.

Whether it is the whisper-quiet operation for a peaceful night's sleep, smart features for convenient control, or factors that help reduce environmental impact, people are now looking for fans that cater to their specific needs and preferences. This change in the mindset has led to a growing interest in solutions like BLDC motor fans. If a regular fan consumes 75-80W of power, a BLDC fan consumes about 30W of power, this reduction in power consumption also cuts down the annual electricity bills by 50%.

If you are considering upgrading your ceiling fan or shopping for a brand-new one that combines style and functionality, Orient Electric has you covered. Let us explore our most popular BLDC ceiling fans and find out why they are the preferred choice for homeowners

6 Top Rated Orient BLDC Ceiling Fans

Aeroquiet BLDC Ceiling Fan: A premium offer from our Aero Series, this ceiling fan comes with all the features to look for in a fan. What makes it unique is the meticulously crafted aerodynamic blades that enhance the air thrust and optimise airflow.

BLDC has been the buzzword in the Indian fan market for some time now, and the Aeroquiet ceiling fan has played an equal part in making it popular. The BLDC fan motor consumes 50% less power which translates to a reduction in electricity bills as well. Along with this, you can control this fan using a remote, adjust the speed, set timers, and more. With a motor speed of 310RPM and air delivery of 230CMM, this fan offers high airflow across your living space making it a popular pick.

Aeroslim Smart Ceiling Fan: The next one too is from our Aero series - the IoT-enabled Aeroslim fan. The key feature of this fan is that it is integrated with IoT capabilities and thus is compatible with Google Assistant or Alexa.  Yes, you can control this fan simply with a voice command. Just a word to switch the fan on/off, adjust the speed modes or schedule a time to operate your fan.

Another notable factor of this smart fan is its design which gives it a more premium look A cool feature of its design is its adjustable telescopic mounting. This feature lets you adjust the height of the fan’s down rod to the height of the ceiling. Not just this, Orient Aeroslim comes with an underlight that also doubles up as a nightlamp and thus makes your living spaces look chic and beautiful. 

Additionally, what makes it an all-in-one fan is its BLDC motor that consumes up to 40%  less energy than a regular fan while operating smoothly and silently. 

Ecotech Supreme BLDC Fan: This fan is known for its superior air delivery and its sleek design. The fan has a motor speed of 370RPM and a 1200MM sweep size that delivers superior airflow across the room. This Orient fan has a very elegant design and has a variety of blade colours. Out of the 5 colour options, a good-looking one that is preferred by users is the Oak Wood variant. To top this off, the BLDC motor equipped with this fan ensures it does not consume a large amount of power as a traditional fan would. 

Jazz BLDC Ceiling Fan: This remote-controlled fan is popular amongst our trusted customers for its variety of colour options. Traditionally, fans have been confined to basic brown or white colours. To break this pattern and add a touch of drama to your room aesthetics, this fan offers a palette that is as unique as your style. You can choose from colour variants like ash rose, royal manioca, smoke brown, and orbes white. This 1200MM ceiling fan also has a smooth fluid ring design that effortlessly draws the gaze upwards to the ceiling. One other premium feature of this fan is that it provides consistent performance even during voltage fluctuations and runs 2X longer on an inverter providing constant airflow during power outages.

i Float IoT BLDC Ceiling Fan: This is another one from our smart fan collection. While you can control this fan using the Orient Smart app on your mobile phone, this IoT-enabled fan gives you the utmost convenience of controlling via a voice command as it is compatible with Google Home and Alexa. Although it is both voice-controlled and app-controlled, it is also compatible with the regulator as well.

The blade design of this fan is another factor that makes it a good option for your home. The aerodynamically designed blades have a 1200mm sweep size with incredibly low air-cutting noise, giving you a cool and comfortable experience all the time.

Ecotech Prime BLDC Ceiling Fan: Last but not least is the Ecotech Prime ceiling fan with a high air delivery that comes with a motor speed of 350RPM. This 48-inch ceiling fan has a 5-star energy efficiency rating and is designed with a unique style. This BLDC fan has a dual-toned textured ring that suits contemporary interiors perfectly. This is a remote-controlled fan that lets you switch on/off, adjust speed, and set a timer for 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours. This also offers consistent performance despite voltage fluctuations and operates smoothly within a voltage range of 120V-280V. 

At Orient Electric, we understand that today's consumers are increasingly mindful of energy efficiency, seeking products that not only enhance their lives but also minimize their environmental footprint. By harnessing the power of BLDC motors, our fans deliver superior performance while consuming significantly less energy compared to traditional models. From sleek designs to premium features, every aspect of our BLDC fans is meticulously crafted to cater to the modern consumer's demand without compromising on style or functionality.


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