What is a BLDC Fan and how does it work?

Want to know more about BLDC fans? What is a BLDC fan? How does a BLDC ceiling fan work? Here are some aspects that you should keep in mind while exploring BLDC fans in India:

• A BLDC fan works on a premier form of technology known as a Brushless Direct Current Motor (BLDC Motor).

• BLDC fans make use of rotors as permanent magnets. This contributes immensely towards lowering overall wear and tear while consuming lower electricity.

• BLDC ceiling fans are highly energy-efficient and enable reductions in your power bills. Other induction fans are different since they have permanent magnets, which also lead to higher noise levels.

• BLDC fans come with things like stators that are accompanied by copper winding. This produces something called magnetic flux after getting the supply of electricity. The fan has a microcontroller and this, along with the rotor of the permanent magnet within it, gets input-based information from the remote control, while offering output data to the inverter in the BLDC fan.

• The microcontrollers in BLDC ceiling fans take care of single tasks. The AC supply converts to a DC supply with a mechanism called SMPS (switching mode power supply). This converts power through switches and is highly efficient. They are ideal options for BLDC fans.

You may think of buying these fans for your home, getting both energy efficiency and great performance. You can save up to 50% on energy costs with BLDC fans. They are good alternatives to conventional fans as a result. Imagine the cost savings if you have multiple fans at home. This automatically makes BLDC fans better options.

Why BLDC Fans Are Your Best Bet at Home

BLDC fans are the ideal solution for every home, not just for energy/electricity savings but for other diverse benefits too.

Here’s looking at some of the reasons why you should opt for BLDC fans in India:

Cost-Effectiveness - BLDC fans are highly cost-effective propositions for contemporary homes. BLDC ceiling fans do not have carbon brushes in the manner of other regular fans, which means lower maintenance and also lower power consumption. The average consumption of BLDC fans is around 28-35 watts on average, while a regular fan will consume 80 watts. This is one of the biggest advantages of BLDC fans. You can save a handsome amount in the long run.

Excellent Performance - BLDC ceiling fans are not only suitable for lowering electricity costs. They also ensure smoother and improved performance at home. These fans ensure the maintenance of higher torque figures, indicating the force which leads to rotation. These ceiling fans come with motors that are electronically controlled, thereby enabling higher regulation of speed. This helps with better air delivery and enhanced performance. There is a feedback-control setup that also enables easier tracking and higher torque-based accuracy, in tandem with superlative efficiency levels.

Lower Noise Levels - BLDC ceiling fan motors ensure lower noise levels as compared to their regular counterparts. There is no friction in the motors used by these BLDC fans. They can thus ensure a noise-less experience for households, which is a major plus.

Lesser Over-Heating of the Motor - BLDC fans are also good at keeping overheating at bay. They do not overheat since they lack electromagnets at the centre along with magnetic fields.

Looking at these points, it can be stated that BLDC fans in India are not only energy-efficient but also cost-saving and extremely efficient in terms of their overall performance. You will experience massive benefits with your purchases, particularly if you have many fans at home.

Why Orient BLDC Fans are the Best Choice for You

Hector BLDC Fan Orient

Orient offers the best BLDC fans. BLDC fans from Orient are regarded as the best solutions for modern households, keeping the energy-savings and other advantages in mind.

Here are some of the key advantages that you can expect while purchasing BLDC ceiling fans from Orient:

• Orient fans in this category are tailored to offer higher energy and cost savings, along with sporting the latest designs and lowering carbon emissions and coal consumption.

• These are eco-friendly fans that offer higher durability for their motors while functioning smoothly on lower voltage.

• Orient BLDC fans consume approximately 26-30 watts in comparison to the 70-75 watts consumption of regular fan models. You can thus get savings of up to 50% on your electricity costs.

• These fans can function at lower voltages without performance compromises and this is made possible with better circulation in these cases.

• You also get better air delivery with Orient BLDC Fans in India, which is ensured through better design of the fan blades, and which delivers superior comfort and quality.

• Orient’s BLDC fans guarantee lower noise. You can sleep better each night, without having to contend with the humming sound made by other types of fans.
Hence, Orient's line-up of fans is always a great solution that you can count on in this regard. They offer reliable and durable choices which will give you years of pleasant usage. You will also notice the other latent advantages offered by these fans, as mentioned above for your perusal. Orient is one of the top brands for purchasing BLDC fans.

BLDC Fans - Your Best Bet in an Evolving World

With the focus firmly shifting towards environment-friendly, low-noise, low-carbon, and more energy-efficient appliances, BLDC fans make for the best options in a rapidly evolving global environment.

To cite an instance of using Orient fans, if there are four fans in a household, then each may run for approximately 16 hours each day. The average cost of electricity per unit may be assumed as Rs. 6.60. The cost of a regular induction fan for a year will be Rs. 12,026 as per these estimates, while it will be Rs. 4,934 for BLDC fans.

The cost savings in one year with these fans will thus be Rs. 7,092. This equates to a whopping Rs. 70,920 in a decade or ten years.
The calculation takes wattage as 78 watts and 32 watts for normal and BLDC fans respectively. Hence, you can get savings of up to 50% on your electricity costs by choosing smarter BLDC ceiling fans from Orient.

Can you picture the huge savings that you will gain? It is only possible with the quicker and smarter adoption of BLDC fans at home. You can also employ this strategy in other areas like workplaces, shops, and more. This will help you get all-round savings without any hassles.

They also contribute towards a noise-free existence at home, enabling higher sleep quality and relaxation. Performance levels are also superior in comparison to many regular fans. Hence, keeping all these factors in mind, it can be safely said that you can choose BLDC fans as the best fusion of comfort, quality, and performance.


1. How much energy does BLDC fan save?
BLDC fans could save around 50% more energy when compared to conventional ceiling fans. As a result, they are highly cost-efficient for modern households.

2. What are the disadvantages of BLDC fans?
The disadvantages of BLDC fans are none. The only thing that can be highlighted is that they are slightly costlier than regular fans. However, the cost savings, in the long run, make up for the initial cost.

3. What is the lifespan of a BLDC motor?
The average lifespan for any BLDC fan motor is approximately 10,000 hours. This is higher than the average lifespan of 2,000-5,000 hours for conventional brushed motors.

4. Are BLDC fans slower?
No, these fans are not slower. Instead, they offer highly efficient performance with electronic control and better regulation of speed and motor torque. They ensure better air delivery as a result.

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