When it comes to interior design and décor, ceiling fans have emerged as one of the key considerations in the recent times. Gone are the days when people used to settle for ordinary looking fans. Now, they want fans that are smart, stylish, technologically advanced, and add convenience to life. Also, with the rise of environmentally conscious consumerism, the demand for energy efficient ceiling fans is growing fast.

When purchasing home appliances, star rating, which signifies the energy efficiency and thus the cost saving potential of the appliance, is one of the key factors considered by Indian consumers. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), under its star labelling scheme, has been consistently working towards bringing more efficient appliances to the market by setting energy performance standards across categories. The ratings range from 1 to 5 stars, with 5-star rating meaning that appliance is the most energy efficient.

When it comes to ceiling fans, the energy efficiency of a ceiling fan was hardly a consideration for consumers, until now. However, from 1st January 2023, ceiling fans have come under the ambit of mandatory star labelling. It is noteworthy that the fans are second biggest power guzzlers in Indian homes and account for almost 21% of household energy consumption.

Let us first understand how star rating is given to a ceiling fan

The star rating of a ceiling fan is dependent on its service value (air delivery in meter cubes divided by energy consumption in wattage). A higher service value will mean a higher star rating. To paint a better picture, let’s say a fan’s air delivery is 220 cubic meters per minute and it consumes 50 watts, then its service value will be 220 divided by 50, which is 4.4.

How this benefits the end consumer

Star rating indicates energy savings ranging from over 50% for a 5-star rated fan to a minimum of 30% for a 1-star rated fan. The highest rated fans are Brushless Direct Current (BLDC) fans. The conventional induction motor-based fan typically consumes 70-75 watts of power. But BLDC fans, on the other hand, can reduce power consumption by more than 50 per cent thus promising significant savings on electricity and energy costs.

Before we delve deep into the environmental benefits of BLDC-based ceiling fans, it is essential to understand the technology that underpins them. Unlike normal induction motor-based fans, BLDC fans come with Brushless electronic DC motor that uses permanent magnets. To get these motors to turn, a magnetic field is generated by a series of coils in the stator and caused to commutate via electronic circuitry. This commutating magnetic field interacts with the permanent magnets on the rotor in a way that causes the rotor to turn and follow the magnetic field of the stator. The use of BLDC motor eliminates friction, motor noise, and sparks that usually occur in the case of normal fans due to continuous contact of brushes with commutators. Since the wear and tear are eliminated, BLDC motors have a longer service life compared to typical induction motors.

While the price per unit of electricity varies largely in India depending on the region, electricity provider, slabs, and usage, let’s assume it at Rs. 6.5 per unit for residential users and look at the potential savings star rated fans can offer as compared to a typical fan that consumed about 75 wats of power.

BLDC fans electricity saving chart

So, a single BLDC fan can help consumers save around Rs. 1600 annually on electricity bills. For a household with 3-4 BLDC fans, the savings will be significant. Another important thing to consider here is the payback period. While star rated fans have a slightly higher upfront cost than the typical fans, they will help consumers save money in the long run by keeping electricity bills low. In fact, the complete cost of the fan can be recovered in less than 2 years.

Given the rising popularity of BLDC fans, the industry majors are rolling out models across price points catering to every style, need, and budget. Whether it be a BLDC fan with integrated underlight, aerodynamic design, or IoT technology, you will easily find one that suits your needs.

The future of fans is BLDC

As consumers increasingly prioritize environmental responsibility, the widespread adoption of BLDC technology-based ceiling fans represents a significant step towards a more energy-efficient and eco-friendly world. While the BLDC ceiling fans are sold at a higher price point, their greater energy efficiency makes them well worth it. A parallel example is the revolution in Lighting industry brought about by the introduction of LEDs. Consumers were won over by benefits of LED lighting and hence traded in favour of a slightly pricier product that came with superior value proposition. BLDC fans may well result in a similar revolution in the fans industry especially as consumers are aware more than ever before about the importance of saving energy and lowering their carbon footprint.  

How this benefits the nation

India, with its growing population of 1.42 billion and increasing energy demands, faces significant challenges in ensuring sustainable development and reducing its carbon footprint. In this pursuit, the adoption of innovative and energy-efficient technologies is crucial.

Ceiling fans are a ubiquitous part of India's lifestyle and are widely used in residential, commercial, and public spaces. Approximately 60 million fans are sold annually in India. Therefore, even a moderate percentage of energy savings achieved at the individual level, when scaled up across millions of fans used throughout the country, will result in substantial national energy savings.

India has made significant commitments to mitigate climate change and reduce carbon emissions. The groundwork for this is being laid today through various astute initiatives including the installation of non-fossil fuel sources which will generate 50% of power by 2030, the Hydrogen Energy Mission, and the BEB's Perform Achieve and Trade (PAT) scheme which will lead to energy savings. The adoption of BLDC-based ceiling fans aligns with these national climate goals, demonstrating India's commitment to environmental conservation and sustainable development. BLDC-based ceiling fans present a tangible and accessible means to achieve meaningful carbon footprint reduction and drive India closer to its sustainable future.

Orient BLDC Fans Range

When it comes to Orient BLDC fans, it’s not just about energy savings but about an all-encompassing experience where performance, design, aesthetics, and functionality come together to offer pride of ownership. Flaunting distinctive designs, Orient BLDC fans are long-lasting on account of lesser wear and tear, provide superior air delivery, and operate silently and efficiently even at fluctuating voltages.

Take for example the Orient Aeroslim fan which comes with a one-of-a-kind slim cylindrical design, telescopic adjustable mounting, hydrographic finish, and integrated underlight along with the advanced BLDC motor. If that wasn’t enough, the fan is IoT- enabled and can also be controlled via Orient Smart mobile app or through voice commands via Alexa and Google Assistant. With cutting-edge feature and looks to match them, Orient Aeroslim is sure to become the focal point in any setting.

Another interesting offering from Orient’s BLDC fan range is BEE 5-star rated Ecotech Supreme BLDC fan which flaunts an inimitable design that will add visual interest and drama to any space while consuming just 28 watts of power. Offering a perfect blend of style and affordability, this fan comes in five different finishes - White, Brown, Topaz Gold, Metallic Bronze Copper and Wooden – to suit all kinds of interior décor.

Orient Aeroquiet BLDC is yet another popular fan from the house of Orient Electric. It features advanced aerodynamic profiled blade design which ensures superior air throw and silent operation. Aeroquiet has a sweep of 1200mm and has 100% rust-free blade made of high-grade glass filled compounded ABS which provides strength to the blades. It comes with a sturdy 14-pole heavy motor with double ball bearing for smooth and silent operation. When it comes to styling, this fan is a sheer winner with its curvaceous silhouette and high gloss premium PU finish.

Some of the other bestselling fans from the company’s BLDC range include IoT-enabled i-Float, Ecotech Prime BLDC, Jazz BLDC, and Wendy BLDC, among others. Designed and developed with meticulous attention to detail, each fan in the range enjoys a distinct design with user-centric features matching contemporary interiors of your home. Orient Electric offers a huge variety of BLDC fans across price points in premium, decorative, and economy categories catering to every style, need, and budget. Pick the one that suits your needs and do your bit for the environment.

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