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Orient Electric

Combined White Cover Plate 1 M

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Explore the smart range of sturdy and long-lasting modular switch plates from Orient Electric, which are elegantly designed to blend seamlessly with any interior design. Made from heat and impact resistant high quality recyclable polycarbonate, these modular plates have been UV stabilized for longer life and protection against de-colorization. The special lock design ensures firm locking of grid plate and cover frame, with the entire unit supported by plastic frame behind with flexible wall alignment. Featuring both horizontal and vertical adjustment facility, Orient’s modular switch plates have stylish round corners that minimize dust collection on the surface thus making them easy to clean. The superior high-gloss mirror finish adds to the overall aesthetics.

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Producat Name Combined  Cover Plate
Secondary Packing 15
Master Packing 150
Manufactured By(Firm Name) JSK International
Manufacturing Location Baddi-Himanchal Pradesh