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Living Room:

Living Room:

The most vibrant room of the house also needs the brightest lights.

Look for ceiling lights with a wide beam angle that distributes light in the entire room evenly.

Go for long-lasting lights that can withstand a surge of up to 3.5kv. 

Bathroom :

Bathroom :

Choose soft, warm-toned lights for your bathroom. They create a cozy ambiance, perfect for relaxing baths and grooming routines.

Wall-mounted batten lights are great for illuminating your bathroom spaces. 

Kitchen :

Kitchen :

Look for bright cool-toned LED lights to enhance visibility while cooking and working, making tasks safer and more efficient.

Recess panel lighting adds a stylish and functional touch with surge protection up to 4KV and panels made with thermal plastic material for better heat management.

Outdoor :

Outdoor :

Consider bright and compact lights to create a welcoming ambiance in your outdoor spaces.

Go for lights that have an IP54 rating and polycarbonate body so they withstand all weather conditions and remain functional for an extended period.