As we bid farewell to the cozy season of hot chocolates and bonfires, it's time to dust off our air coolers and ensure that they're ready to tackle the rising temperatures ahead. While coolers typically require minimal maintenance, regular cleaning is also essential for them to deliver optimal performance throughout the summer. To help you prepare your cooler for the impending heat, here are some tips and tricks to address common issues that may affect its efficiency. But before exploring them, let's quickly understand how an air cooler works-

How do Air Coolers work?

This home appliance uses water evaporation to cool the air. With the help of a water pump, water is moved to the cooling pads. This water flowing through the pads extracts the warm air from the surroundings and evaporates to leave behind cool and fresh air. Then this cool air is pushed out to the environment through a blower into the room.

If you are looking to buy an air cooler for your home this season, then it is necessary to appropriately select one based on your room dimensions for optimal performance. Here is a table that will help you choose the perfect one for your home.

Tips to Run Your Air Cooler Efficiently

For your home to stay refreshingly cool during the scorching summer months, air coolers can be a fantastic option. However, simply purchasing and plugging in a cooler may not suffice. Here are a few tips to make your cooler effectively combat the heat:

Placement is key: This home cooling system operates through the evaporative method, meaning it relies on warm air for faster evaporation. Using this process, the cooler delivers consistent cool airflow. Therefore, the placement of your air cooler is critical. Place it near a window to facilitate a steady supply of fresh air to increase its cooling efficiency.

Right Ventilation: While air coolers offer cost-effective and low-maintenance cooling solutions compared to air conditioners, the continuous circulation of warm air can lead to stuffiness. To counteract this, you would require adequate ventilation. For this purpose, keep a window open or install an exhaust fan on an opposing wall to expel trapped hot air.

Maintain the water level: As air coolers operate on the evaporative principle, maintaining adequate water levels in the tank is paramount for continuous cooling. Keep the water tank consistently filled to its maximum capacity during operation. However, it’s a hassle to re-fill the tank again and again but to make it convenient for the users, cooler these days also comes with the advanced feature of auto-fill mechanism. All you have to do is to connect the cooler to a water source. Orient Electric’s Ultimo desert cooler comes with this cool feature making it super convenient to stay cool.

Most coolers come with an in-built ice chamber for an extra cooling boost. Utilize ice chambers to their full capacity, maximizing the cool air output throughout your room. One of our recommendations for you is the Premia personal air cooler from Orient Electric.

Pre-cool the pads: A valuable technique to ensure optimal performance from your air cooler is to pre-cool the cooling pads. Simply keep the water pump running while refilling the tank with water. This allows the pads to absorb cold water, effectively lowering the surrounding air temperature and enhancing the cooling effect of the cooler.

While keeping this in mind, if you are in the market for a new air cooler, look for ones with honeycomb water pads as they are known for better water retention. Orient Electric’s Titan desert air cooler comes with a DenseNest honeycomb pad that has 45% more water retention and 25% more cooling. 

As mentioned earlier, cleaning your room cooler is important before you prepare it for the upcoming season. Here is your go-to plan of action to clean your home cooling system thoroughly.

Cleaning Checklist for Air Coolers

Clean the water tank: Before starting the cleaning process, ensure the cooler is disconnected from the power source. Empty the existing water from the tank and pick up a sponge or cloth to thoroughly clean the interior. Pay special attention to the edges and corners, where dirt tends to accumulate. Stubborn stains can be cleaned with a soft brush and a cleaning solution. Allow the tank to air dry completely after cleaning.

One common problem while using a cooler is that the water tank becomes the favourite residence for mosquitoes. However, in the past few years, the market has advanced the features of air coolers to make your cooling experience fresh. Coolers thus come with mosquito repellent that prevents mosquito breeding in the water tank.

Clean the cooling pads: Water pads play a vital role in the cooling process by facilitating air evaporation. However, they can accumulate dust particles over time, hindering the coolness of the air delivered. So, before you switch your room cooler on, do not forget to clean the cooling pads. Remove the pads from the cooler and wash them gently with water. If any damage or excessive wear is seen, consider replacing them with new pads.

At present, the air cooler market delivers convenient features like dust filters keeping in mind the depleting air quality in the environment. This feature ensures you breathe fresh and clean air inside your home by removing any dust accumulated on the cooling pad. If you are in the market searching for a cooler with this cool feature, then personal coolers from Orient Electric can be a good choice as it comes with dust filters that use activated carbon to remove all impurities from the air.

Clean the blades: The blades of the air cooler are responsible for circulating air into the room, this makes it crucial to keep them clean. Use a brush to remove any dirt or stains and wipe them with a cloth to ensure they are free from debris. However, if you are planning to buy a new cooler for your home then make sure you tick the box that says rust-proof blades. One recommendation for you is the Smartcool DX personal cooler from Orient Electric which has an anti-rust blower making it easy to clean and maintain. 

A well-maintained air cooler not only efficiently delivers refreshing cool air but also operates smoothly. This ensures minimal disruptions along with maximal comfort. With these tips, you can fully capitalize on the advantages of your air cooler throughout the summer. If you encounter any issues with your air cooler, check out our guide on Troubleshooting Common Air Cooler Problems for detailed solutions to keep your cooler performing at its best. 

However, if despite your best efforts, your current cooler fails to meet your cooling needs, it might be the right moment to consider upgrading to a model that is equipped with all the advanced features for enhanced performance and comfort. 

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