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In today’s world where residential and commercial places are becoming compact, a practical choice for ultimate comfort is a wall fan. Whether you own a small coffee shop around the corner or are tirelessly decorating your study room, you need comfortable working conditions. For your confined spaces to become your favorite, you require energy-efficient and space-saving air circulation in your room. Thus, the perfect solution for you is a high-speed wall fan.

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Are you looking for comfort that saves you on your utility bills and also your space? Then wall hanging fans are particularly advantageous as they are mounted on the walls leaving your floor area for other aesthetic pieces of furniture. Customize your perfect temperature with adjustable settings that deliver refreshing breezes exactly where you need it. Now that you know what you need for your personal abode, we would like to convince you more as to why it is the perfect appliance for you-

The Top Benefits of Wall Fans

This cooling appliance does more than just circulate air, it offers a range of benefits that align with all your needs and preferences. Here is why you should buy one as soon as you finish reading this-

  1. Space Saving- We know that you count every square foot while buying a home appliance for your room or office space. To save you from this tiring job, we suggest you look for wall fans that are easily mounted onto the wall keeping your floor clutter-free and spacious just as you like it.
  1. Versatile Cooling- Wall mounted fans are super adaptable and can be strategically placed on any wall. The standout benefit is that they come with adjustable speed and direction settings. This ensures that you receive the coolest breeze to your preferred corner, unlike the fixed ceiling fans.
  1. Improved Air Quality- You never know when you can experience air stagnation in your room. Even a small wall fan can help circulate fresh air reducing the risk of stuffiness and improving indoor air quality. This becomes an important feature in a closed environment specifically.
  1. Energy Efficient- Best wall fans are also energy conscious. They consume less energy than an air conditioning system translating to reduced carbon footprints. Thus, making wall fans an eco-friendly choice.
  1. Silent Operation- Nobody likes disturbance in a meeting or while sleeping. Modern wall fans are designed with noise reduction in mind and thus they operate quietly ensuring a relaxed and breezy experience.
  1. Cost Effective- While these are an affordable choice, they are extremely economical to use. They assure you a long-lasting lifespan as they require minimum to no maintenance. This makes them a cost-effective investment in the long run.

Choosing the right cooling solution can seem confusing. We are here to help you with the same. Here are a few types of wall fans that you can choose based on your requirements.

Finding the Right Cooling Solution- Types of Wall Fans

Selecting the ideal wall fan for your spaces can be a daunting task when it comes to aligning it with your aesthetics, placement, convenience, and everything in between. Choose from these types of wall fans available in India -

  1. Standard Wall Fans- Commonly found in Indian households, these are known for their simplicity and ease of installation. These are a good choice for small or medium-sized spaces where efficient cooling is essential.
  1. Remote Controlled Wall Fans- If convenience is your top priority, then a wall fan with a remote is all set to become your new best friend. Are you too tired to get up from your couch, Fret not just click the button on your remote and control the speed, adjust the height, and set timers.
  1. Industrial Wall Fans- The heavy-duty wall fans are built to withstand demanding atmospheres. These are commonly used in warehouses, factories, or commercial spaces where it is necessary to have robust airflow for optimum ventilation.
  1. High Speed Wall Fans- These are specifically designed for maximum air circulation around your room and offices. Mostly used in workshops or garages to efficiently cool down hot spaces. Wall 47 Trendz Wall Fan from Orient Electric will be a perfect buy for you.
  1. Designer Wall Fans- We know you are one of those who cross-check functionality along with aesthetics. They come in various designs and colours that seamlessly blend with your interior designs. One such product for all your spaces is Tornado Wall II from Orient Electric which is energy efficient and comes in different colour variants.
  1. Silent Wall Fans- These cooling units come with CTX technology that ensures quiet operation. The inbuilt smart technology will allow you to relax or attend meetings without any hassle and with optimum comfort.

You are all geared up with the knowledge of all the types of wall fans available online. Before you click that ‘buy’ button, make sure the fan has all these below-given factors incorporated in it-

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Wall Fan

You have picked the type of fan you need and are now browsing for them online. Once you find the right one for you, do not forget to look out for these key elements in your chosen wall fan-

  1. Noise Level- It is an essential element for a home appliance so make sure you buy a fan with CTX technology incorporated that lets the fan operate smoothly.
  1. Speed Settings- The fan must have multiple speed settings from 0 to 5 so you can easily customize your cooling based on your preferences and environment. To control the speed settings, fans should have a convenient pull-cord mechanism designed.
  1. Smart Features- These days nothing is spared when it comes to technology. Smart features reached home appliances too. Look for wall fans that have a remote with it so you can choose convenience while you choose your cooling solution.
  1. Build Quality- The body of the wall fan should be corrosion-free and the motor should be built with thermal overload protection.

Our favourite choice of fan with all these features is the Wall 48 Wall Fan. What's more convenient? Buy from the official website of Orient Electric anywhere, anytime.

How Do I Choose a Wall Fan?

To clear that last point of confusion before you finally purchase the fan, here is a table that you can refer to choose the best wall fans for your house-

Room Size (Square feet)

Number of blades


Small (up to 100 sq. ft)

3 blades

1500-2000 RPM

Medium (100-225 sq. ft)

4 blades

1200-1500 RPM

Large (225 - 400 sq. ft)

5 blades

1000-1500 RPM


Why You Should Avoid Using External Regulators for Wall Fans with Remote?

It's a common question in Indian households when they switch to remote-controlled wall fans. You should avoid regulating the speed of your wall fan with a remote using an external regulator. Here is why-

  • They interfere with the fan’s inbuilt remote-control system. This will lead to a reduced lifespan and frustrating user experience.
  • If you use an external regulator with a wall fan that is not compatible with the wall fan, then it can damage the fan’s motor leading to malfunction.
  • As remote-controlled fans come with smart features like timers and sleep modes, external regulators can hinder these operations. This will force the features to stop functioning efficiently.
  • It may cause fire or electrical hazards if combining the remote control and external regulator is not done properly.

Does Wall Fan Consume More Electricity?

Wall Fans are the energy-efficient choice any day as it has adapted BLDC motors. This also helps make the wall mounted fan even more frugal and eco-friendly. Here are how such wall fans help you save money on your electricity-

  • The BLDC motor consumes up to 70% less electricity and can operate at lower wattage while delivering consistent airflow.
  • They have smart features that stop you from using extra electricity and avoid unnecessary power consumption.
  • BLDC motors are known for their durability. They often have a longer lifespan, reducing the frequency of repairs, which can save money in the longer run.
  • They generate less heat leading to fewer mechanical issues and lower maintenance and repair expenses.

How much electricity does a wall fan use?

In India, energy efficiency is a top priority for cost-conscious consumers. A standard wall fan with a 50-watt motor consumes approximately 0.05kWh. However, many factors can influence the power of the motor. Here is the estimated electricity consumption for different wattages.


Av. Daily Usage (hours)

Electricity Consumption (kWh)




















Does Wall Fans Make Noise?

Orient Electric’s wall mount fans are designed with   CTX technology. What is CTX technology? It is the concentric winding that eliminates electrical imbalance to reduce the motor noise. Therefore, the fans operate silently, and efficiently, and let you work without any disturbance. This involves a dual coating of the wire that improves insulation and eliminates motor failure, thus making it more durable and long lasting.


Wall fans thus offer a flexible cooling solution in India with its energy-efficient motors, aesthetic designs, remote control features, and more. By making informed decisions and optimizing usage, you can the benefits of wall fans while keeping energy costs manageable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the difference between a wall fan and a cabin fan?

Ans. Wall fans are designed to be mounted on the wall whereas cabin fans are placed on the floor or designed for tabletops.

Q2. Does a wall fan use a lot of electricity?

Ans. Wall fans are most commonly energy efficient as they come with smart features so you can control the usage leading to less energy consumption. There are wall fans with BLDC motor that uses 70% less energy consumption.

Q3. Is a small fan good for a small room?

Ans. For a small room, a wall mount fan is perfect as it is compact and is placed on the wall saving floor area. They come with 3 to 5 blades that provide high-speed airflow in small rooms.

Q4. What is the average lifespan of a wall fan?

Ans. A well-maintained wall fan can last anywhere between 6 to 12 years because of its durable and corrosion-free body.

Q5. How do I clean my wall fan?

Ans. To clean the wall fan, first unplug it then remove the front grill and blades and clean with a damp cloth or vacuum.

Q6. What size is a wall fan for a 10x10 room?

Ans. For a room size of 10x10, a wall fan with a sweep size of 300 to 400mm is typically sufficient.

Q7. Which wall fan is best for the bedroom?

Ans. For your bedroom, choose an energy-efficient and silent wall mounted fan. Look for a remote control and sleep mode for extra convenience and comfort.


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