Know More About the Exhaust Fans

Are the lingering cooking odours in your kitchen frustrating you? Does excess humidity wreak havoc in your bathroom? If you resonate with any of these scenarios, then an exhaust fan is the solution you need. They expel unwanted odours, moisture, and stale smell from your living spaces. Thus, they help in maintaining a fresh and healthy environment. Whether you are preparing to be the next popular chef in town or are taking a relaxing shower, this quiet and energy-efficient appliance will enhance your comfort at home. 

What is an Exhaust Fan?

Ventilation fans commonly called Exhaust Fans are electrical devices designed to facilitate air flow across enclosed spaces. The major function of the device is to remove stale air, excess moisture, and pollutants from the room. It also helps in improving the indoor air quality. In residential spaces or industrial facilities, these small fans play a pivotal role in efficiently removing unwanted air contaminants.

Buy Exhaust Fans Online

In modern houses, ventilation becomes a challenge because of small windows in the kitchen. While buying a chimney can cost you a fortune, an air ventilation fan can be an affordable and better choice. Before you shop for the top-quality exhaust fan online let's help you pick the right one.

Types of Exhaust Fans

We all will agree that ventilation is necessary to maintain a clean and comfortable space but are all wall exhaust fans the same? Whether you are looking for silence or heavy-duty performance, there is an exhaust fan designed just for you. Here are the types of exhaust fans available in India.

  1. Wall-mounted exhaust fans- As the name suggests, these are installed on the walls and are ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, and workshops. They are great for expelling odour and excess moisture from the room.
  1. Ceiling-mounted exhaust fans- If you don't have space on your walls then these are the perfect option. These are installed onto the ceiling and can effectively ventilate larger areas, like living rooms, offices and commercial spaces.
  1. Window exhaust fans- Don’t like the idea of mounting an appliance on the wall or ceiling? You can install an exhaust fan on your existing window. This is an ideal option for small bathrooms for efficient ventilation while conserving energy.
  1. Silent Exhaust Fan- They operate quietly thus clearing the contaminated air without disturbing your regular activities. The best places to install these are small bedrooms or libraries. Hill Air Exhaust Fan from Orient Electric has a 100% copper winding motor for smooth and noiseless operations.
  1. High Speed Exhaust Fan- In situations where rapid air circulation is needed, exhaust fans with high velocity provide powerful ventilation. If you have a workshop or a garage, then you can buy this small exhaust fan for efficient airflow. Ventilator DX exhaust fan with a 250mm sweep size from Orient Electric is one of the best exhaust fans online.
  1. Heavy Duty Exhaust Fan- These are highly durable and offer robust performance. If you need an air exhaust fan for industrial or agricultural environments, then this is your go-to choice.

So, you are in the middle of choosing the best exhaust fan for all your spaces but still thinking if you need it or not? Here is why you should quickly shop for this air ventilation fan online-

Top 5 Benefits of Exhaust Fans for Your Home or Business

Investing in an efficient home appliance like an exhaust fan offers an ample number of benefits. Here are some of the advantages of buying one-

  • Improved Air Quality- As we mentioned earlier, the airflow from the exhaust fans takes up the odour in the room, be it the kitchen or bathroom, It clears up the air giving a fresh and ambient environment even in small spaces.
  • Odour Elimination- Food can taste and look delicious, but the number of dishes in a kitchen can also generate smoke and odour. Exhaust fans for the kitchen or bathroom can be a great option it helps reduce this odour and keep the room fresh.
  • Reduced Humidity- Closed spaces like bathrooms are often prone to excess moisture which can lead to mold growth and structural damage to the wall. You can easily avoid this scenario by installing an exhaust fan in your bathroom.
  • Energy Efficiency- Modern exhaust fans are designed with electricity consumption in mind. They consume minimal electricity and provide maximum air circulation making them an eco-friendly and cost-effective choice.
  • No Condensation- Experienced moisture on your kitchen windows during winter? This home appliance helps you with this too. The air circulation makes it easier for the air and moisture to move out room.
  • Health Benefits- It also helps in the removal of allergens and pollutants from the environment reducing the risk of allergies and respiratory issues.

Now you have a thorough gist of all the features and advantages of buying an exhaust fan. Once you have it delivered to your home here is where you can place it.

Where do we need exhaust fans?

This is one of the most essential appliances useful in various settings from kitchens to industrial spaces. It is vital to know where to install it according to the room size and the number of blades it comes with.

  1. Kitchen- This is the core of your home, and it is a must-have appliance to remove excess heat, grease, cooking odour and moisture. Kitchen exhaust fans with 4 blades installed on the window or wall can be perfectly ideal.
  1. Bathroom- This space can be a breeding ground for mold and dew regularly. Install an exhaust fan for bathroom to combat moisture and ensure you choose one appropriately matching the size of the room.
  1. Garage- Your workshops and garage need an air purifier that's affordable and blows out the fumes and pollutants from the environment. If you have a garage with 3 to 4 cars, then you can opt for a 3 to 4 blade exhaust fan.
  1. Industrial Areas- In factories and warehouses, to keep the air fresh and the environment clean, exhaust fans with multiple blades are essential to maintain air quality and regulate temperatures.
  1. Commercial Kitchen- Restaurants and commercial kitchens require fans capable of handling the heavy heat and smoke generated during cooking. The best option thus is a heavy-duty exhaust fan.

The table given below summarizes the recommended fan size and the number of blades for various room types and applications.

Room Type


Blade Number

Exhaust Fan for Kitchen


4 Blades

Small Exhaust Fan for bathroom


4-5 Blades

Exhaust Fan for Garage/Workshops


3-4 Blades

Exhaust Fan for Living Spaces


3-4 Blades

Now you know the bits and everything about the exhaust fan that you need in your living spaces. The common question remains unanswered! How exactly does a small appliance like an exhaust fan work?

How does an exhaust fan work?

You are aware now that this efficient fan plays a vital role in maintaining air quality and comfort in various settings. To place it in the right place, it's important to know how it works and what it exactly does to remove air pollutants. Let's dive in

How does an exhaust fan rotate?

There is a fan blade that's placed in the heart of the exhaust fan. These rotate and draw in the stale air or polluted air in the environment. This is directed to the centre of the fan. The contaminated air is then expelled through a vent or duct outside. The blades are designed strategically to rotate continuously, and, in the process, the stagnant air is replaced by the fresh air from outside.

What is the power of an exhaust fan?

The motor of the fan determines its power. This power directly influences the fan's ability to ventilate a specific area effectively. A powerful motor will be able to move larger volumes of air easily at a higher speed. Here is a table for the power rating according to the placement of the fan-


Power Ratings (W)


20-100 watts


40-200 watts


100-200 watts

Industrial area

400-500 watts


Does an exhaust fan remove dust?

They not only remove moisture and odours, but they are effective devices to remove dust from the air. When the fan draws in air it also captures airborne dust particles. The dust will then be carried through the fan and expelled. Using an exhaust fan regularly ensures cleaner indoor air quality and reduces the accumulation of dust.

How is the RPM of a fan calculated?

It typically means rotation per minute, and it determines how fast the blades of a fan rotate. There is a formula used to calculate the RPM of a fan-

RPM= 60xFrequency/ Number of magnetic poles in the motor

Therefore, exhaust fans operate by using rotating blades to create airflow that removes stale air, moisture, odours, and dust from the indoor spaces.


In conclusion, it is essential to install an exhaust fan in your workplace or your living space. It is necessary to maintain the air quality of the environment you live in. For every setting, there is a particular exhaust fan that suitable based on the size of the room, the fan blades, and the RPM of the exhaust fan. 

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. What is the use of an exhaust fan?

Ans. Exhaust fans are used to eliminate odour and contaminated air from the kitchen, bathroom, or industrial areas. It is helpful in expelling out the stagnant air and making the space cleaner and more ambient.

Q2. What is the difference between a ventilation fan and an exhaust fan?

Ans. There is no difference between these fans. Ventilation fans are commonly known as exhaust fans and they both function to eliminate bad air out of the room efficiently.

Q3. Can an exhaust fan cool a room?

Ans. While an exhaust fan cannot cool a room, it can help keep the room humid free and moisture-free.

Q4. What size of exhaust fan is best for a bathroom?

Ans. A bathroom exhaust fan of at least 1200 RPM will be perfectly suitable.

Q5. Which is the best exhaust fan for the kitchen?

Ans. Kitchen exhaust fans are mostly small and should be placed on the window. The small exhaust fan should have at least 4 blades and a sweep size of 250mm.

Q6. Do bathroom exhaust fans help in drying the bathroom floor?

Ans. As an exhaust fan pulls out the air and moisture from the environment to a certain extent it can also help in drying the bathroom floors.

Q7. What size exhaust fan do I need for my kitchen?

Ans. Look for a minimum of 50-100 Cubic Feet Per Minute for every 10 square feet of kitchen space and an RPM of 100-1500 with 5 blades will provide effective ventilation.

Q8. Are exhaust fans energy efficient?

Ans. Yes, they consume less electricity and ensure they meet energy-saving standards.

This data was last updated on 27-05-2024