Know More About the Decorative Lights

Decorative lights are an essential factor for almost all Indian celebrations and even home decor. Whether it is Diwali or an Indian wedding, these lights help brighten up our lives and our spaces. From adorning your space with a cosy glow to adding a touch of glamour to all special occasions, these lights become an important element in the Indian household. They seamlessly blend into the indoor and outdoor spaces and transform them into extraordinary one and also creates an inviting and charming vibe altogether.

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In a nation known for its vibrant festivals, these lights not only brighten up your house but also create an atmosphere of joy and togetherness.

It is incredibly convenient to buy decorative lights for home online but with an extensive range of options available, it can get confusing. They are not just functional but also come in a diverse range of designs and styles. Ready to add a festive flair to your home?

What are Decorative Lights?

Unlike the traditional wall lights and ceiling lights, these are special fancy lights to light up your spaces for celebrations. Basically, these are lights that enhance your living room, garden, study table, or even the outdoor patios and porches. These are typically LED lights mounted on a string or on a rope-like structure. These are connected to power and can be hung vertically or rolled up on surfaces to decorate your spaces. These are very versatile thus you can use them to decorate your commercial spaces like offices, restaurants, or hotels. But before you jump on to buying a pair of lights for yourself you should be aware of the different types and styles of decor lights available in India.

Types of Decorative Lights

They are an important element if you are planning to revamp both your indoor and outdoor spaces. They are the right lighting solution to transform your space into a stunning and inviting environment in your home. Here are the types of lights you can choose from based on your needs and preferences.

  1. Pendant Lights- They are one of the stylish indoor lighting fixtures. You can hang them up from your ceiling as they are typically connected by a cord, chain, or rod. They are suitable for kitchen island, dining tables or as a focal point in your living room.
  1. Wall Scones- These are the small wall-mounted decorative lights that you will mostly find above artworks. You can use it to illuminate your hallways or in the bedroom to create a cosy ambience. Thus it is both functional and can provide ambient lighting in your indoor spaces.
  1. Rope Lights- These are tube-like fixtures with LEDs built-in. These are highly flexible thus you can bend them and fold them to fit various spaces. These are very suitable for under cabinet lighting, outdoor decor lighting, and creating unique decorative designs for festivities.
  1. String Lights- These are popularly used in both indoor and outdoor decor. These are basically LEDs connected on a thin string of wire and can be rolled up around any surface. You can use it in your garden over your plants or your patios. You can also use it to give a pleasant glow to your bedroom.
  1. LED Strip Lights- Commonly known as fairy lights, these are versatile and flexible lighting fixtures. The best part about is that they have adhesive backing thus making it very easy and convenient to install and decorate your surrounds. You can use them to hang your pictures on walls or under cabinets. These give a vibrant accent to all environments.
  1. Rice Lights- They are also known as seed lights and are simply LED bulbs held together on a thin wire. While they are very delicate they are also very versatile. They are mostly used for decorating art pieces, flower vases, or DIY. From small house parties to large weddings, you can use rice lights to add some sparkle to your whole decor design.

Knowing just the type of LED decorative lighting will not be enough if you are planning to buy a few for your house. The big question is what can you use them for? Here is the answer-

What are The Uses of Decorative Lights?

Most people use decorative lights to give a vibrant look to their outdoor spaces. However, these fancy decor lights can be used to light up your indoor spaces as well. But where can you use it? Below are a few ways that you can use these lights for

  1. Decorative Lights for the living room- The heart of your room is your living room. It's where you relax and unwind, and hold family get together commonly. Thus this is a place that requires cozy and warm lighting. You can use pendant lights over your coffee tables as they offer both functional and aesthetic lighting solutions to your space. Rope lights can be a good option for your living room if you wish to light up your corners or reading table. Use them to decorate your home for Diwali or any upcoming party as they give your space a vibrant as well as an inviting look overall.
  1. Decorative Lights for Balcony- For your outdoor retreats on the balcony, use string lights or fairy lights to decorate. They provide a soft and enchanting glow for your perfect evening mood. Joylite LED Strip Light from Orient Electric can be used along the railing or edges of your balcony. You can roll it over your plants and trees outside to give a more festive vibe to the environment.
  1. Decorative Lights for Pooja Room- Although traditional lamps and diyas are used in this space decorative lights for the temple can help enhance your spiritual experience as well. Soft and flickering LED Diya lights or rope lights add a touch of grandeur to the space. You can use it to highlight specific artefacts or scriptures.
  1. Decorative Wall Lights- There are a lot of various options to decorate the walls of your room. If you have a painting on the wall then use a wall scone. In bedrooms, you can use fairy lights or strip lights to hang your pictures on the wall and give your decor an elegant look. Wall lights add a subtle but romantic atmosphere when its placed in different shapes or designs. These lights seamlessly blend with your interior designs and shape the aesthetics of your ambience.

How to Choose the Right Decorative Light for Your Home?

It can sound very confusing to choose a light to decorate your house. Lightning is an essential part of your interior design and it should complement your decor style and theme. Here is how you can choose the right decorative light for your home-

  1. Match your decor- Begin by analysing the style you are following in your home. If you have a modern interior design then look for wall scones or strip lights that are compact and also bright. These lights give the surroundings a simple yet bright look. If your house has a more traditional look then you can choose chandeliers or even rope lights to decorate the railings of your stairs.
  1. Determine the size- Measure the space properly where you want to use your decorative lights. But the lights should be of the right size and length so you are able to maintain a balance in your living spaces. Joylite Rice Lights from Orient Electric has a length of 10 metres making it easy for you to customise the size of your lights based on the measurements of your house.
  1. Functionality - Now that you are choosing a decorative light for you, it should not just look good but should be functional enough as well. So let's say you wish to decorate your reading nook and then choose a soft and warm light preferably a strip light. However, if you are planning to decorate your dining area then use a more bright but adjustable light.


Selecting a decorative light is not just about brightening up your space, it is also a form of expressing the theme of your home. You can decorate your house using any fancy lights in any of your spaces including your living room, dining area, or bedroom. Before you plan on buying these lights, also plan the ambience that you want to create and the type of light you need to complement the style of your living spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the uses of decorative lighting

Ans. You can use decorative LED lights to brighten up your living spaces during the festive season. You can use these lights on the balcony, in the living room, and also over your dining area.

Q2. What is used in decorative lighting?

Ans. The inert element Neon is used in almost all decorative lights.

Q3. How do I choose decorative lights?

Ans. Based on the size of your room and the theme of your interior design, you can look for a decorative light for your home. This should also be based on the theme that you are following whether it's festive or party.

Q4. How to hang decorative lights?

Ans. If you are using decorative lights outdoors, then you can drape the lights between the branches and use tape to fasten the lights on the railings. If you are using the lights on the wall then you can use nails or wall hooks to hang the decorative lights.

Q5. What are decorative lights?

Ans. These are tube or rope-shaped structures with LED bulbs mounted on them. They are used to decorate the indoor living spaces as well as the outdoors during the festive season.

Q6. What is the best way of using lights in the bedroom?

Ans. You can use coloured LED strips in your bedroom to create a warm look. They are cheaper to buy and easy to install.


This data was last updated on 25-06-2024