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Orient Electric

Flame Retardant Low Smoke And Halogen Platinum Wires Blue 2.5 Sq

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Single Core FR-LSH PVC Insulated Copper Conductor( Unsheathed) Cables Voltage Grade 1100V

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Nominal Cross Section Area Of Conductor(Sq.Mm) 2.5*
Nominal Thickness Of Insulation(Mm 0.8
Maximum Resistance Of Conductor At 200C(Ohm /Km.) 7.41
Current Carrying Capacity-2 Cable Single Phase** (Amps.) 27
Number/ Nom. Diameter Of Strands (Nos./Mm) 36/0.3
Approx. Overall Diameter(Mm) 3.6
Current Carrying Capacity-2 Cable Single Phase**(Amps.) 24
Manufactured By(Firm Name) HPL ELECTRIC & POWER LIMITED
Manufacturing Location KARNAL-HARYANA