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Orient Electric

Consumer Units SPN Acrylic Door Distribution Board 8 Way

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Orient introduces a wide range of compact, elegant and economical Neurotech Distribution Boards with unique features and increased safety. The DB is not merely an enclosure but a comprehensive system in itself, comprising of copper bus bar, brass neutral links, earth links to facilitate effective distribution of current. The range offers a variety of feature benefits, such as Bus Bar Short time withstand capacity of 5kA for 0.1 second and Bus Bar Conditional Short circuit of 10kA in TPN DB in accordance with IS 13032, BS EN 60439-3, Ample space for wiring, compact design and proper distribution of neutral and earth wire.

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Rated Voltage (Ue) 240/415 VAC
No. Of Ways 8 way
Insulation Voltage (Ui) 690 V A.C
Distribution Technique Straight Insulated Busbar
Sub Incomer NA
Material (Uimp) CRCA Sheet Steel
Removable Gland Plates Top And Bottom
Busbar Short Circuit Withstand (Icw) 5 KA For 0.1 Second
Neutral Bar Terminal Capacity 1-16mm2
Index Of Protection (IP) IP 30 / IP 42
Ambient Temperature Max -5°C...+55°C
Rated Frequency (F) 50 Hz
Type Of Installation Flush / Surface
Incomer 4P MCB /RCCB /Isolator
Outgoing 1P MCB
Sheet Thickness (Mm) 1.0 Mm
Busbar Rating 100 A
Busbar Conditional Short Circuit 10 KA
Earth Bar Terminal Capacity 1-16mm2
Impulse Withsdtand Voltage (Uimp) 4 KV
Standard IS 8623 ; IS 13032 ; IEC 61439-3
Body Color White/Ivory
Knob Color NA
Body Finish Glossy
Door Type Acrylic Door
Manufactured By(Firm Name) Orient Electric Limited
Manufacturing Location D-209,Noida