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As temperatures soar during scorching summers, effective cooling solutions are paramount. While air conditioners are a popular choice, their energy consumption and environmental impact make air coolers a compelling alternative. Coolers are particularly essential in regions experiencing hot and dry climates. They are designed to thrive in low-humidity environments, where traditional air conditioners may prove less effective. Orient Electric Air Coolers become indispensable during peak summer months, providing a refreshing escape from the heat. They are ideal for homes, offices, and commercial spaces, ensuring a cool and comfortable atmosphere for occupants.

How Air Coolers Work:

Air coolers operate on a simple principle known as evaporative cooling. Unlike air conditioners that use refrigerants, this appliance harnesses the cooling power of water. The basic components of an air cooler include a fan, water pump, water tank, and cooling pads. Here's how the cooling process takes place-

  • Air Intake: Warm air from the surroundings is drawn into the air cooler by the fan.
  • Moisture Addition: The incoming warm air passes through water-saturated cooling pads. These pads are typically made of cellulose or other absorbent materials.
  • Evaporation: As the air passes through the wet cooling pads, water evaporates into the air, absorbing heat in the process.
  • Cool Air Circulation: The fan blows the cool air back into the living or working space.
  • Effective Cooling: The combination of evaporation and air circulation creates a refreshing and cool environment, relieving the heat.

But how is it the right choice for you during summer, here are the answers

Key Benefits of Buying an Air Cooler for Home

Investing in an air cooler offers a myriad of benefits that go beyond just cooling your space. These advantages encompass energy efficiency, improved air quality, environmental friendliness, and the convenient mobility of these cooling devices.

Energy Efficiency:

Air coolers are renowned for their energy-efficient operation. Unlike air conditioners which consume a significant amount of electricity, air coolers utilize a natural and eco-friendly cooling process. They work by drawing in warm air, passing it through water-saturated cooling pads, and then releasing cool, moist air. This process demands considerably less energy compared to traditional air conditioning systems, leading to reduced electricity bills for users. The energy-efficient nature of air coolers makes them an environmentally conscious choice, aligning with the growing trend towards sustainable living.

Quality of Air:

One of the notable advantages of air coolers lies in their ability to enhance indoor air quality. As these devices cool the air, they also filter out dust, pollen, and other impurities, providing a fresher and healthier atmosphere. This is particularly beneficial for individuals with respiratory conditions or allergies, as air coolers contribute to creating an environment with cleaner and more breathable air. The natural cooling process also adds moisture to the air, preventing the dryness often associated with traditional air conditioning, which can be especially comforting in arid climates.

Environment Friendly:

Air coolers are environmentally friendly cooling solutions. Their operation doesn't involve the use of harmful refrigerants that are common in air conditioners, making them a greener alternative. Additionally, the reduced energy consumption contributes to lower carbon footprints, aligning with global efforts to combat climate change. Choosing an air cooler over conventional air conditioning systems is a step towards sustainability, supporting a healthier planet.

Easily Movable:

The portability of air coolers adds another layer of convenience for users. Unlike fixed air conditioning units, air coolers are often compact and equipped with wheels, allowing users to move them effortlessly from room to room. This versatility ensures that you can enjoy cool, refreshing air wherever you need it the most, without the need for complex installation or reliance on a single fixed location.  

4 Major types of Air Coolers to choose from

As temperatures soar during the scorching summer months, finding an effective cooling solution becomes paramount. Air coolers are a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional air conditioning systems.

Desert Air Cooler:

Desert coolers, also known as evaporative coolers, are robust cooling solutions designed to tackle high temperatures in large spaces. These coolers have powerful fans and large water tanks, making them suitable for open areas such as living rooms, dining halls, or outdoor gatherings. The cooling process involves drawing warm air through water-saturated pads, cooling it, and then circulating the refreshed air throughout the space. Desert air coolers are particularly effective in dry climates, making them an excellent choice for regions with low humidity levels.

Ideal Users:

  • Families living in spacious homes or apartments.
  • Individuals hosting outdoor events and gatherings.
  • Offices with open layouts.

Ultimo Desert Air Cooler has an optimum air throw of 3650-metre cube/hr with a 3-speed motor, ensuring cool air reaches every corner of your room. You can set the fan speed from any of the three levels (high, medium, or low), according to your preference. 

Tower Cooler:

Tower coolers are sleek and space-saving cooling solutions that blend seamlessly into modern interiors. These coolers have an upright design with a tall tower, housing a combination of a water tank, cooling pads, and a powerful fan. They are known for their energy efficiency and quiet operation. Suitable for medium-sized rooms, they provide an even distribution of cool air. With oscillating features and customizable fan speeds, tower coolers offer flexibility in maintaining a comfortable environment.

Ideal Users:

  • Individuals living in apartments with limited space.
  • Office spaces with cubicles or individual workstations.
  • Bedrooms and medium-sized living rooms.

Orient Electric’s Ultimo Tower Air Cooler gives powerful air delivery at 1500 meter cube/hr and has 3 motor speeds. What makes it super unique is the remote-controlled technology that it comes with. You can switch it on/off and also set a timer simply from your couch.

Window Coolers

As the name suggests, these are designed to be mounted on windows, offering a convenient and space-saving cooling solution. These window coolers draw in warm air from the outside, passing it through cooling pads before circulating the refreshed air indoors. They are perfectly suitable for smaller rooms or spaces with limited floor area. They are easy to install and maintain, making them a practical choice for those looking for a budget-friendly cooling solution.

Ideal Users:

  • Small apartments or rooms with limited space.
  • Individuals on a budget seeking an affordable cooling option.
  • Home offices or study rooms.

Magicool+ Window Air Cooler from Orient Electric 2000 metre cube/hr and is also compatible with inverters to keep your space cool even when there is no power.

Personal Coolers:

For individuals looking for a compact and portable cooling solution a personal air cooler is the answer. These small coolers are designed to cool a limited area, making them ideal for personal use. They often come with features like adjustable fan speeds, low power consumption, and ease of portability. These mini coolers are perfect for spot cooling in bedrooms, offices, or other small spaces where a more extensive cooling solution may not be necessary.

Ideal Users:

  • Students in dormitories or small apartments.
  • Individuals working from home in a dedicated workspace.
  • People looking for a cost-effective and energy-efficient personal cooling option.

With its compact and durable body, the Premia Personal Cooler provides an air throw of up to 25 feet and is suitable for a room up to 200 sq. ft.

Here is a table that will help you decide which air cooler is perfect for your house based on the size of the room-

Air Cooler

Room Size

Dessert Air Cooler

Up to 350 Sq ft

Window Air Cooler

Up to 200 Sq ft

Personal Air Cooler

Up to 150 Sq ft

Tower Air Cooler

Upto 200 Sq ft


Look Out for These Features In An Air Cooler

Choosing the right air cooler involves considering several crucial features to ensure optimal performance and comfort. These are the few aspects that play a significant role in enhancing the cooling experience.

  • Convenience is key when it comes to air coolers. Look for models with user-friendly controls and remote functionality. Smart features like timers and programmable settings allow you to customize the cooling experience according to your schedule, ensuring energy efficiency.
  • Air throw distance is a critical factor influencing the cooling coverage of an air cooler. It indicates how far the cooled air can reach. For larger rooms, opt for models with a longer air throw distance to ensure uniform cooling across the entire space.
  • Clean air is essential for a healthy living environment. Many air coolers come equipped with dust filters that capture dust particles, pollen, and other impurities, ensuring that the air you breathe is clean and fresh.
  • An anti-mosquito feature is an innovative addition to some air coolers, especially those designed for regions prone to mosquito-related issues. This feature typically utilizes a mosquito repellent compartment or technology to deter mosquitoes and create a more comfortable environment, particularly during warmer seasons.
  • Look for coolers with features like inverter technology, which adjusts the speed of the fan motor based on the cooling requirements, optimizing energy consumption.
  • Choose a model with an appropriate water tank size based on your usage patterns and the climate in your region. Larger tanks are ideal for continuous operation without frequent refilling.

By evaluating these aspects, you can ensure that your chosen air cooler meets your specific cooling needs and enhances your living space's comfort.

What Makes Orient Electric the Best In The Category

We at Orient Electric offer a best air cooler in India with a wide range of innovative features that help keep your summers cool and comfortable-

  1. Longest Air Throw with Aerofan Technology:

Orient Electric takes cooling to new heights with its aerofan technology, providing the longest air throw in the category. This ensures that the cool air reaches every corner of the room, creating a comfortable and refreshing environment.

  1. DenseNest Honeycomb Cooling Pads:

The inclusion of DenseNest honeycomb cooling pads sets us apart by offering 25% more cooling and 45% more water retention. This technology maximizes the cooling effect, ensuring a consistent and enjoyable experience even in the hottest conditions.

  1. Dust Filter for Clean and Fresh Air:

We also prioritise the quality of the air you breathe. With built-in dust filters, their air coolers capture dust particles and impurities, delivering clean and fresh air to your living space. This feature not only enhances the cooling experience but also contributes to a healthier indoor environment.

  1. Remote Controlled Convenience:

Adding to the user-friendly experience, the Orient Electric Ultimo Desert Air Cooler comes equipped with remote control functionality. This convenience allows users to adjust settings, change modes, and control the cooler from a distance, providing an effortless and comfortable cooling experience.

  1. Inverter Compatible for Energy Efficiency:

We are committed to energy efficiency with our inverter-compatible air coolers. This feature enables the coolers to operate seamlessly with inverters, ensuring uninterrupted cooling during power outages.

  1. Anti-Mosquito Feature:

With an anti-mosquito feature, their air coolers incorporate compartments dedicated to deterring mosquitoes. This thoughtful addition ensures that you not only experience superior cooling but also enjoy your space without the nuisance of mosquitoes.

These elements collectively contribute to a superior cooling experience, making Orient Electric a trusted and reliable choice for buying air cooler online seeking optimal comfort in their living spaces. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use an air cooler in a closed room?

Answer: Air coolers work best in well-ventilated areas as they rely on fresh air. Using them in closed rooms may reduce their effectiveness, so it's recommended to have some degree of ventilation.

How do I maintain and clean my air cooler?

Answer. Regularly clean the cooling pads and water tank to prevent bacterial growth. Also, ensure proper ventilation and store the unit in a dry place when not in use to avoid mould and odours.

Are air coolers suitable for humid climates?

Answer: Air coolers are less effective in high humidity since they rely on evaporation. In humid conditions, the air is already saturated with moisture, limiting the cooling effect of the evaporation process.

Can I use tap water in my air cooler?

Answer: It's recommended to use clean and filtered water to prevent mineral deposits in the cooler. If tap water is hard, using distilled or treated water can extend the life of the cooling pads.