Know More About the Stand Fans

Designed to deliver powerful airflow that cools down even the stuffiest rooms, Pedestal fans ensure you relax, work, or sleep in comfort. Finding respite from the sweltering heat becomes a top priority during summers, The solution? An affordable stand fan with multiple speed settings, and adjustable heights is your one-stop solution for your lovely abode.

Let's quickly explore why investing in the right pedestal fans is not just a choice, but a sheer necessity to beat the heat in summer. You are in for a detailed journey of features that set them apart as the best cooling companions for your home or office.

What are the types of pedestal fans available in India?

In a country like India, where the summer heat can be nothing short of relentless, pedestal fans also known as stand fans become an indispensable companion for many. But did you know all of these fans are not created equally? Here are a few types of standing fans that you can find in the Indian market-

  • Standard Pedestal Fans- The highest place in the list has to be for these fans that are commonly seen in the Indian household. Orient Electric’s Tornado II Stand Fan will be your perfect choice this summer as it is affordable, energy-efficient, comes with a unique tile feature that lets you adjust the airflow, and operates silently.
  • High Speed Stand Fan- Nobody can say no to a turbocharged cooling experience on a hot day, right? The high-velocity fans are ideal for larger spaces or spaces with limited cross ventilation.
  • Stand Fan with Remote- Comfort takes center stage with remote-controlled pedestal fans. Adjust the speed, and oscillation, and set the timer without leaving your couch.
  • Lifestyle Pedestal Fans - A delightful twist to conventional cooling, Orient Electric’s Cloud 3 Pedestal Fan drops the temperature up to 12°C and has a built-in fragrance chamber that lets you add water-soluble scent and creates a relaxing ambiance altogether.

There are a few types of pedestal fans available in India but before you buy one you should also be aware of the features to consider making the right choice.

Features to look for before buying a pedestal fan

Come let's walk through the key features of a pedestal fan that not only promises ultimate comfort but also ensures your investment aligns perfectly with your unique requirements.

  1. Fan Size and Blade Design- Larger blades with higher sweep sizes typically flow more air and provide better cooling. Look for a fan with aerodynamically designed blades for efficient airflow.
  1. Adjustable Height and Tilt- Flexibility is important in all aspects of your life. Go for a fan that lets you adjust the height and allows you to direct the flow where you need it most.
  1. Multiple Speed Settings- Stand fans with multiple speed settings give you the freedom to choose between a gentle breeze on a rainy day or a high-velocity airflow on a scorching summer day.
  1. Remote Control- Technology is evolving and so has your cooling experience. Let convenience be the greatest king as you control the speed of your fan, set a timer, and adjust the height from a distance.
  1. Noise Level- Oh this is a must! No one wants interruption especially when you are off to a good sleep. Seek out a pedestal fan with CTX technology that operates silently.
  1. Energy Efficient- Good cooling shouldn't burn a hole in your pocket. Opt for an energy-efficient model that provides excellent cooling while being easy on your wallet and your surroundings.
  1. Safety Features- Safety is paramount in households with children or pets. Buy a fan that has protective grills and a stable base to prevent any accidents.

With Orient Electric, you are not only lucky but also in safe hands as our range of pedestal fans is designed with all these features to make your summer season a celebration. Our favourite pick for you is Wind Pro Stand Fan with 400mm sweep size and high-speed air delivery. But do you know how a Pedestal Fan works?

How does a pedestal fan work?

These efficient cooling devices have been a mainstay in households and offices for decades. But have you ever wondered how a pedestal fan works? It's going to be interesting, let's jump in

  • At the core of the fan is an electric motor that's responsible for turning the blades and creating the airflow that you feel. When you switch the fan on, electricity flows into the motor and creates a magnetic field.
  • Pedestal fans are built with aerodynamically designed blades that are angled appropriately to flow air efficiently. When the motor rotates, it creates a low-pressure area in front of the fan and a high-pressure area behind the fan.
  • The pressure difference forces air to flow through the fan which is known as the air delivery of a pedestal fan.

How much electricity does a stand fan use?

Stand fans also known as pedestal fans are popular for their cooling capacity but many wonder about their energy consumption. If you are curious about the electricity usage, then here is a table for you.

Speed Setting

Avg. electricity consumption per hour

Power usage over 4 hours (in kWh)

Low speed

15-30 watts

0.06 - 0.12kWh

Medium Speed

30-50 watts

0.12 - 0.20kWh

High Speed

50-75 watts

0.20- 0.30kWh


Which room is ideal for a pedestal fan?

Are you confused about the positioning of your stand fan in your house? Here is a breakdown of where to position your fan based on the dimensions of your room-

  • Small Rooms (Up to 100 sq. ft.) - Perfect for cooling in compact spaces, this is the right choice for your small bedrooms or home offices.
  • Medium Rooms (100 to 300 sq. ft.) - Pedestal fans can effectively circulate air in living rooms, master bedrooms, or home gyms.
  • Large Rooms- (Over 300 sq. ft.)- Stand fans are a good choice for spacious living rooms, open-plan areas, or workshops. Multiple fans will ensure strategic cooling throughout the space.

5 Advantages of buying a pedestal fan

These versatile cooling companions offer more than just a heavy breeze, they bring with them a host of benefits that make them the best addition to your home or office. Do you wish to know the 5 key benefits of a pedestal fan? Here they are-

  1. Cost Effective- Unlike expensive ACs pedestal fans are economical. They consume less electricity and hence are incredibly energy-efficient and keep you comfortable and your wallet, happy.
  1. Portable- The best feature of a cooling device is that you can carry it to places that you like, and you are comfortable in. Mostly lightweight, one can pick their pedestal fan up and take it to their study room, living room, or bedroom very easily.
  1. Customizable Cooling- Stand fans offer multiple speed settings and come with a remote that lets you tailor the airflow to your preferences. With the height adjustable and tilt feature, you can also direct the airflow in your preferred direction.
  1. Quiet Operation- You would never want your home to welcome you with a noisy fan. Thus, these are a good option as they are engineered for quiet operations, so your living spaces stay cool without any loud and disruptive noise.
  1. Simple to Install- Pedestal fans are hassle-free as they don't have a huge process of installation. You can plug it into a power outlet. as soon as it reaches your home. Additionally, because of their simple construction, they require no maintenance, are durable, and last longer.

Buy pedestal fans online from Orient Electric

When it comes to staying cool in the summer, pedestal fans can be your forever best friend. Orient Electric offers a range of pedestal fans that are built to provide ultimate comfort and are built with the latest technology. Here is why you should choose us as your trusted partner for fans-

  • We are forward thinkers and love technology as much as you do. We are aiming to make the country happy with smart solutions for their homes. Thus, we are always innovating designs to provide you with all premium features and one such example is our Cloud 3 Stand Fan.
  • We build fans that last. With high-quality materials and robust construction, we ensure durability and efficiency. We also prioritize safety and thus design fans with optimum protection to keep you and your family safe.
  • Functionality meets aesthetics at Orient Electric as we offer sleek and modern designs that compliment your decor and add style to your living spaces.

Orient Electric’s prime choice in stand fans

Our cutting-edge technology-enabled Cloud 3 Lifestyle Pedestal fans not only provide exceptional cooling but also add a touch of luxury to your surroundings. Here is why it should be on your next list of items to buy-

  • Temperature Drop- It can reduce the ambient temperature of your living space up to 12℃.
  • Add Fragrance- It has an in-built fragrance chamber that lets you add water-soluble scents and allows you to enjoy a pleasant aroma while staying cool.
  • 2 Modes- Two distinct modes on the fan let you customize your cooling experience. Turn on the breeze mode for a gentle breeze and switch to eco mode to maximize energy efficiency without compromising on comfort.
  • Timer- Cloud 3 stand fans also have a built-in timer and you can adjust the 3 speeds, set the modes or timer, and the height of the fan simply with a remote.


Whether you are seeking relief from the heat, a cost-effective cooling solution, or customizable comfort, stand fans offer an effective way to stay cool.  So why wait, Make the smart choice and buy a pedestal fan today. Stay Cool, Stay Comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does the pedestal fan come with a remote?

Ans. Yes, the pedestal fan does come with a remote that lets you switch the fan on/off, adjust the speed, and height, and set a timer from a distance.

Q2. Do stand fans overheat?

Ans. It's unlikely that stand fans overheat as it consumes less electricity. However, you should do regular dust check-ups and clean your stand fans.

Q3. Is the pedestal and stand fan the same?

Ans. Yes, pedestal fans are popularly known as stand fans and are the same.

Q4. Is the stand fan enough for my bedroom?

Ans. Stand fans are perfectly suitable for small to medium-sized rooms. They are typically most effective in rooms that are up to 400 square feet in size.

Q5. What is the ideal number of blades in a pedestal fan for maximum performance?

Ans. They commonly come with 3 to 5 blades. A 3 blade pedestal fan is suitable for general cooling purposes. A 4 blade stand fan is suitable for balanced airflow across a medium-sized room. A 5 blade stand fan is designed for smooth and silent operations and is suitable for your bedroom.

Q6. Where is the best place to put a pedestal fan?

Stand fans are suitable for both indoor and outdoor setups. Position the fan in the opposite corner of the room from the window or door to circulate air throughout the room.

Q7. Does a pedestal fan use more electricity than a ceiling fan?

Ans. Pedestal fans have lower-power motors that generally consume less energy as compared to most ceiling fans.

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